Wednesday, July 7, 2010



stories from Dad

When we are kids dads are generally our role models. As far as the kid is concerned the father is an epitome of perfection in all that he says or does.And the child would believe every word that the father says as well.Things change once we become adults.Now we take them as dad's opinions rather than as facts.

One of my earliest memories of dad is when we used to go to movies. I remembered that we had gone to see Tamil movie 'Vikram'. It was my habit to make him repeat the story of the movie after we got back home.And my dad would patiently repeat the story as many times as i ask.Both me and my brother have troubled our dad a lot for story telling and my dad was really good at that.

My brother loved the story of a deer called 'Munni' a segment of my dad's imagination. He would make him repeat it every day and would not permit a single deviation from the original version or rather the first version. The sequence of events, dialogues and characters had to match.