Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Rehman in the making :)

My little naughty kiddo is almost two now. His is a strange mix of all the languages in the world; a sweet innocent permutation of all possible syllables that he can utter. We don’t understand most of it but its music to my ears.

Surprisingly my son seems to pick up songs faster than words.

Any music that plays on television be it cine music or albums or nursery rhymes and for that matter even title songs of mega-serials makes him spring into instant dancing. His all time favorites are the Surya-Karthi siblings. Any song that has them in the hero role brings an instant smile to his face. That too a hundred watt one!!!

Whenever any one of us hums Kilimanjaro song from Enthiran my little one will keep repeating Appappo and Appappo….And if I sing a few lines from Shakira’s waka waka song he will break into a gleeful waka waka eh eh! His uttering Amma or Appa is very rare but these things come to him very easily.My Rehman in the making :)