Thursday, June 21, 2018

Z for zebra lines

Thanks to SG for the encouragement :)

I am completing the AtoZ series with a poem!

Zebra lines - All black and white!
Clear demarcation!
Are they black lines on a white sheet?
Or white ones on a black base? I wonder!
On the road they silently stay!
There is no gray!
But life! Is it so simple?
For an eagle's eye, it all looks black or white!
At closer glance they blend!
Nobody is so good that he is pure and white!
Nobody is so bad that he is all evil and black!
We are all walking talking statues in gray!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Y for Yellow

Its June, and its way past April. Yet I want to finish what I started. The A to Z April Challenge stopped at X. I want to persevere and complete though the other bloggers have moved on to other things.

I feel like those last racers in a marathon who decide to complete it no matter what....

I remember a childhood play song that we had that went "Red and Yellow, dirty fellow". 

The word yellow reminds me of the gentle rays of the morning sun, that seep in through the windows and embrace us in the warmth from Mother Nature.

Its the color of gold, pure and precious.

A lot of my favorite food items are yellow too - potato chips, butterscotch ice cream, mangoes, laddoos to name a few!

Yellow reminds me of lemons that add a feeling of freshness and cleanliness to wherever they are.

As a small kid it was my second favorite color after pink.

Its the color of turmeric thats an auspicious ingredient in Indian rituals...Invitations for different occasions are printed in yellow and have turmeric at the corners.

Tweety bird my favorite animated character is yellow too!

What does yellow remind you of?