Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Guest Post on TF's blog - RamayaPranavayaLavanyaSimhan the Indian Rumpelstiltskin

Karthik L better known as 'The Fool'(TF) who blogs at "Three Realms Of the Mind" and at "Lucifer House Inc" does not need much introduction and is quite popular in the blogosphere. He specializes in fiction specifically fantasy and science fiction.  TF requested me to retell a fairy tale as a guest post for his blog. This is the first time I have been asked for a guest post and it makes it all the more exciting.

The evening sun is slowly melting into nothingness, the French glass containing black tea on my mahogany coffee table glistening in its rays. I take a moment of thoughtless look at it; Some simple routines have also been passed on in the family - this evening cup of black tea for instance!

My name is Samraat Dinakar, Sam-D for short. Force, Power and Money - these are the synonyms for my name in this city.My grandfather is believed to have taken a gun in his hands when he was twelve. It was an empire he built; now, a legacy I have inherited. The police don't mess with us, the government follows our orders. In short we rule this city - vice or otherwise.
A cooing sound announces the arrival of my six month old son. His eyes light up with delight on seeing me and he giggles as he is handed over from the nanny's hands to mine. He has all my features except for those hazel eyes. Deep and mysterious like his mother's! The diamond on the pendant dangling around my neck glitters and captures his attention. He looks at it with an amused curiosity and breaks into peals of laughter. Its in his genes,I suppose. This love for wealth! Something that was the reason behind my meeting his mother, Vidya.

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