Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sibling Wonders!

This is my first post in 2014, nearly two whole months after the new year dawned.

It was a very unique and special new year this time.When the clock struck twelve on 31st Dec night, I was in a hospital room, with  my one day old daughter. My family stepped into 2014 with a brand new member and that explains my absence from the blogosphere as well.

Now the chaos is a bit lesser and I felt the urge to jot something here.

It has been interesting and sometimes funny to observe my older one's reaction to the change in the family.

When I first announced to V, then four, that mummy has a kutti papa(small baby) in her tummy, he retorted
"No Amma, you cannot eat kutti papas. Kutti papas are yucky!" Hmm, after all we have been telling him that whatever he eats gets into his tummy.

Midway through my pregnancy one day he announced
"When the kutti papa is ready, he will climb up , up, up and come out through your mouth" . Hmm!! Not a bad logical conclusion for his age!

I had a planned csec and we told him that Amma would go to the hospital the next day and that the doctor will help get the baby out. He exclaimed " The baby will jump out and the doctor will catch her with a baby net."

Now my new born daughter is two months old. Yesterday I took them both downstairs to the common area in the apartment. A couple of his friends crowded around her and kept saying 'This is our baby. We will take her home.' He quickly snapped back 'NO. This is my baby. Your baby is in your mummy's tummy!' :D