Thursday, June 10, 2010

Laugh Baby Laugh

One of the first things expected of an infant is to recognize faces and smile.Kuttu was of no exception.The first thing that made him smile was the tube light. I have no idea what fascination a 25-day old would have in a tube light but he would look at it and break into a smile.
Its wonderful to hear your baby laugh!! It gives you a wonderful pleasure and satisfaction that your kid is happy.When he was around a couple of months old my husband's father would say "Laga Laga laga" and he would burst into laughter.V is a happy-go-lucky kid,always smiling.I am referring to an instance here where he would laugh out loud.Then when my dad and mom played ball with him on their laps he would laugh for every throw and every catch.My husband would sometimes put him on his lap in a kind of vertical position with his head on his knees and his legs leaned against his chest.He would gently press his legs as if massaging it and say "Papa ku kaal ellaam valikkum.Papa nerayya nadanthuttaan "(Baby has walked a lot...Baby's legs would hurt) and V would break into a sweet laughter. What amuzed our kiddo was totally unpredictable.Some of the things I said used to make him laugh.For instance once I said "Oh..Oh" for something and he found it so funny.Same reaction was for "Achacho".I often used to repeat these to him just to see him laugh.
During our visit to Chennai we took him to one of the so-very-crowded garment shops and he was sitting on my husband's lap in one corner while we ladies were busy selecting.Vidyut was laughing uncontrollably.I have no idea what made him so happy;Whether it was the colors or the crowds or the lights.
Now he is seventeen months old.We have this advertisement on TV for a Super-Mom show in one of the Tamil Channels.We see mummies competing with each other in some athletic adventurous events like rock climbing and motor-bike riding.One mother comes running passing the rubber tyre hurdles lined in her way, trips and lands with a crash. This scene evokes instant laughter in my son. They have this serious music playing when she falls but he finds it totally amusing.ha ha

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

In The Play Area

These days I have started taking my son to our apartment play area in the evenings.Our junior is very very interested in anything he can lay his eyes on there.This includes the toys of the other kids coming there.His own toys? No way!!! They do not arouse his interest.
The first day I went without taking any toys.Kids here have these cars and bikes in which they can sit and somebody can push.He was totally engrossed in exploring the cars and cycles of the other kids.The next day I took his car along.It did not match his speed requisites.His interest shifted to the balls that the other kids brought.So the next day we took his ball.Now he became interested in the walking sticks of the old ladies coming for a walk.
He always goes in the reverse direction in the slides.And of late his practice is to climb on to the play pen(using the reverse slide method :) ) , come to its edge and just fall or rather jump freely.And mummy is supposed to catch him.
There is a shuttle court there and he loves running there and picking up the rackets of the kids playing there.These rackets are pretty expensive and the kids' parents most probably would not take any damage to those lightly.He would take the badminton racket and drag it on the floor.And I would go running after him to save the racket from him and myself from any unexpected expense.

Skin Care Day

Today was skin care day for my son.In the morning I was busy in the kitchen.There was absolute silence in the house.Kuttu with no noise is kuttu upto some definite mischief.I came into his room and saw that he was washing his toy car with calamine lotion.I had placed it on the bathroom shelf and he had somehow got it.Now he had opened it and he had the pale pink lotion all over him,his legs,arms and face.And he was happily applying it all over his car.
In the afternoon I was preparing lunch for our little brat.I came to the hall and saw that it had been whitened.He had caught hold of the talcum powder and had somehow opened its lid.So there was talcum powder all over the floor and he was rolling away to glory in that.He had the powder on his hair , nose,cheeks and was a funny sight.And the nice rose fragrance lingered throughout the day in our home.He was playing in the spilt powder as if it were snow.