Saturday, July 16, 2022

Book I read : Charlotte's Web

 I was going through a good reads list of Best Books when I saw that Charlotte s Web was on it.  This has been lying on our book shelf for a few years now as it was a prescribed text for my son in class 4.

Now I decided to read it and so I did.

Its the story of a pig named Wilbur and his journey from being the runt in a litter to a celebrated and award winning pig on a farm. 

The titular character Charlotte is a spider who befriends him and helps him along the way. 

It is a children s book and it is written in that kind of tone, but nevertheless it is a fun read.

There is some interestibg facts about the animal world mentioned here and there. Some statements made as the animals ' observations of humans is witty and thoughtful too.

My favorite character is Templeton the mouse. He initially seems like a cunning selfish guy but he is the one that plays an important role in helping Wilbur on multiple occasions.

Then there is the goose with her eggs and goslings and some sheep like any other farm.

A nice story and read !