Saturday, March 12, 2022

A to Z Blogging theme reveal

April is around the corner and its time for the annual A to Z blogging challenge.

My theme for this year is 

Food for me and food for thought

I would be taking each letter and writing about  food items  and some quotes that i love.  

I love to cook and love to eat and so , a part of the post would be straight from taste buds to key board. I love exploring different cuisines though i am a vegetarian. 

These quotes could be from movies , proverbs , literature and I am planning to stick as much as possible to my mothertongue Tamil which is supposed to be one of the oldest languages spoken by man. Only the quote would be Tamil but the translation , explanation and my views would be all in English. For some letters the quotes could be from English as well. 

I never learnt Tamil in school but i love the language. There are some quotes in English that have gotten me deeply thinking as well.

This is the plan for now...Lets see how it goes...

Looking forward to interacting with all the wonderful bloggers and writing more