Friday, March 25, 2016

Silly things can make one happy! :)

There are some silly momentary things in life that can give us immense pleasure, excitement and a feeling of fun. It does not have to be a vacation to an exotic location or a big achievement in studies or work.

Like yesterday I got a new toothbrush. Just opening the pack and using it for the first time fills me with a childish excitement. What the heck! A toothbrush is a toothbrush....But unwrapping it in its pristine form and using it for the first time is fun, isn't it?The same does apply to taking a new bar of soap and using it for the first time! :D

When I buy a new notebook and start writing on it, it feels good! Its like a symbolic representation of a new start, a fresh beginning with unlimited possibilities. The smell of fresh paper and the way the ink starts making forms and meanings on it is wonderful.

When the tube light becomes old and we replace it with a new one - Switch it on and Whoa! The world is suddenly much more brighter....

When we rearrange some shelf and once we are done with the task - the neat organized appearance definitely lifts our spirits a bit!

When you get something free with something that you buy....It could be a floor cleaner bottle free with a toilet is free for the customer...Those companies know this psychology and they make the best use of it...Buy 2 get 1 free, buy 1 get the other free, buy a tshirt get a cap , buy soap get shampoo, buy biscuits get a pencil..The list goes on ....They make sure to cater to the age group...As kids a miniature figure of a cartoon character or a simple sticker can make our day....Become adults and it needs to be more sensible though!

I remember the scene from a Tamil movie where the college going heroine is excited about a kaleidoscope that her neighboring little boy has. He refuses to show it to her and she goes to a very crowded market to get one for herself. The hero braves the crowd and manages to get her one and she gets super happy on getting it in her hands....

So what silly things make you happy?