Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Climbing here and there

Does the name Tensing Norgay strike a bell to any of you? It should for it’s so often repeated in Social Studies text books that he is one of the first to have climbed Mount Everest.

We belong to South India but I have a feeling that somewhere in our family ancestry we have a touch with his genes. Well, my little V keeps climbing up all places.

When he could reach the dining table by standing on his toes we were a very proud couple. We did not have much clue about what all were in store for us. My son started climbing on to the dining chair and then on to the dining table. So we moved all the chairs away. Within a couple of weeks he learnt to move the chairs around in the house. He would drag the chairs near the table and then climb.

His next destination was the dressing table. Like a scientist he keeps inventing new methods to achieve his goals. He now started pulling his baby cot close to the dressing table, climb on to the baby cot and then on to the dressing table.

His latest interest has been the kitchen countertop. He used to pull the drawers open (They are at a bottom level) and use them as steps. We tied up all the drawers and shelves with clothes and plastic. Two days he was kept at bay. Now he has learnt that dining chairs can serve not only to climb on dining tables but anywhere that he wants. So he is back to climbing the kitchen shelf now more comfortable by dragging the chair around.

Hats off to his perseverance! No matter how many times I move the chair away he keeps dragging it back to where he wants it. Now it’s a test to my patience to keep moving the chair away and try to make him understand that it’s dangerous. Usually he loses interest in any new activity in a couple of days. Hopefully it should be the case with this one. If Mt Everest were a little closer to my place it would be his next aim hi hi 

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