Sunday, August 9, 2020

Life , Hand phone and Video Games!

Last week during one of my walks in the park, I switched on the fm radio on my handphone (A cellphone goes by that name in this part of the world!). My choice of music depends on my mood and this time I decided to tune in to the local English pop FM channel.

I am not a very regular listener of English pop though there are a few numbers from my teen years in the 90s that have the capacity to put me on cloud nine for no particular reason.

During such ventures into these radio stations, I simply listen to whatever is being played. Unless its a very catchy song, the lyrics are the ones that grasp my attention more than the tune or the beat. Quite similar to many other songs in the Western pop genre, the lyrics went something like "When life gets tough!" I cannot recollect the song or the singer now. 

"Tough Life!" . Its a phrase used quite often. 

Why do we add this adjective "tough" often to the term "life"?  Life is just life! A series of incidents and experiences between the first cry and the last breath! 

All of us have this fixed set of expectations on how life needs to turn out . The social set up around us has its own pattern to be followed in addition.
When there are hurdles in the way of our expectations, aspirations, dreams we start calling life tough! 

Unattainable career aspirations , family responsibilities,failed relationships, traffic, bad weather, power cuts and the neighborhood mart running out of milk...Life does not go as per plan always....Thats the fun part! 

Many of the things we set about doing are like the apps on this mobile phone!

When playing video games on this hand phone do we fret if we lose a level ? Don't we keep trying till that smiley appears on the screen with a 

"Hurrah! You have cleared level XX"

Just like the video game surprises us with hints and life savers every once in a while, life too throws opportunities and help along the way!

Just like the apps on the mobile phone so many things give us pain can be easily uninstalled! We sometimes only suffer because we choose to cling to it when there are more beautiful things gently floating by! 

Yes like the mobile phone has some critical applications, there are a few things that cannot be compromised like our health for instance. But otherwise its keep trying or uninstall!

A line I thought of during my walk and a picture my son took last year!

With that Zen like thought I will wrap up this post. When I remember that artist or song, I will express a word of gratitude in my mind to her.