Thursday, September 11, 2014

Simple Sweet Act by a taxi driver

I was planning on starting this post with paragraphs on how I have not been able to publish new posts  blah blah blah but no, I better not !

Yesterday I had to take a cab for an appointment. With some initial difficulty and nearly half an hours wait I managed to get one using a hotline number . I was going with my two kids, one of them an eight month old baby. I was very late for the appointment and hence I got down in a real hurry managing the children along. In my confused hurrying state, I left behind a towel that I use to cover my infant girl in her pram. As I waited for the lift in the building I realized it. "That was a beautiful towel!Hmm" I muttered to myself.

Around fifteen minutes later I received a call from the cab driver . He had gone some distance and had then seen it. He took the trouble of calling me and then coming all the way back again. To return something that was not at all a valuable possession - a simple baby towel.

He did not expect anything from me. As I waited on the roadside, he drove past, lowered his window and just passed it to me and went away with a smile and a wave. He left behind something else. A feeling of warmth and admiration in my heart.  Its not difficult to go out of your way to be nice to people.  Small gestures can sometimes radiate a lot of warmth! 

There I am done ! I have broken the hibernation I somehow got into and have managed to write something. For this I owe him a lot more than for returning my little girls towel!