Saturday, January 26, 2013

Indifiction Workshop Edition Exercise 4 - She did not fail to notice

Indifiction Workshop is a story writing workshop for bloggers interested in fiction. This was initiated by 'The Fool' who blogs at and C.Suresh who blogs at

Detailed plot will be given. Everyone has to tell the story using their own narrative style. Different narrative styles will be evaluated by fellow participants and judges. 

The plot for the first exercise as part of the same was authored by Rajrupa Gupta who blogs at Riot Of Random and whose debut novel 'The Crazy Algorithm Of Love' was published recently. Link to the plot:

My version of the plot:

Story Title: She did not fail to notice


It was close to 3 a.m. Malini was seated on the sofa, her eyes exhausted but vigilant. The living room was dark except for the light from the television that kept spraying a myriad of shades across her face.  The volume had been muted. Her eyes were locked on the television screen; at something that was far beyond. The only sound that perturbed the silence of the hour was the gentle rhythmic sounds from the wall clock as its hands kept chasing one another.
 “I am coming home, Malu”, he had said before hanging up.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Down the Drain!

I dont know about the rest of the world but I do have some Mr.Bean days when I end up doing really really stupid things.

I dont think I have that much brains like a rocket scientist but my absent-mindedness must be on par with the worst of their kind with respect to that.

Well, yesterday I was just about to empty the dustbin in the bath room. I would tie the garbage bag and dump it down a refuse chute(a common one for the entire floor).It would slide down a concealed inaccessible path to a huge garbage tank and join the garbage bags from the rest of the apartment which would number around 10 * 15 i.e. 150. Of course the number of times each house contributes in a day needs to be estimated as well.

Well, as I was emptying the dustbin I saw the unopened pack of toothpaste on the bathroom counter.It dawned on me that the toothpaste packet would need to be thrown as well after removing the tube from inside. Why not dispose it off now itself at one shot ? I thought. I proceeded to add the empty pack to the garbage bag before proceeding to throw it away forever. At least I thought so.

When we were about to retire for the night my husband asked 'Hey where is the tube? This pack is empty?' . I froze at the sight of what he held in his hand. The empty packet of the toothpaste. Yours truly seemed to have retained the pack and thrown the unopened tube of toothpaste in the garbage. My conscience immediately projected a cunning thought outward. 'You had brought a mega-size pack to save money hi hi'

I tried to recollect the exact moment when I threw that thing into the garbage bag but drew an absolute blank! Was I really that stupid? I kept thinking. Blank! Blank! Blank! What on earth was going on in my mind then? I wondered. Blank! Blank! Blank! again.

This brought earlier episode to my mind. A lot more costlier one!

It was the day after I returned from vacation. Like all first-week-after-vacation s, it was a very productive one where I felt rejuvenated and did my chores perfectly on time. The moment I got up, I emptied the garbage bins in the house and sent the bags down the chute.

A few hours later, we found the back cover of our cordless phone dumped somewhere by my little brat.
We thought he would have kept the phone in one of his usual hiding places. After hunting the house, we asked him. 'V do you know where the black phone is?' 

'Yes Amma , in the dustbin'

'Which one?'

'The blue one'

'Bathroom or kitchen?'


Oh Oh!! My little fellow had thought that piece of black plastic to be a waste.

All this while we at home and the teachers at school have been trying to educate him about cleanliness and the practice of binning litter and not strewing them around and little junior had strictly followed the rules! Unaware of that, I had happily tied up the bag and dumped it down the refuse chute.

So our cordless phone literally went down the drain that day! As did the Colgate toothpaste yesterday!

Coming back to the latter episode, all I could manage was a sheepish grin when my husband stared at me bewildered and totally dumbfounded by my act. 'Now I really doubt who threw that phone!' he added with a  sly smile ! :(  ha ha

Now, I have begun to say a silent prayer before dumping the garbage!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

And the world was silent again

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 35; the thirty-fifth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton. The theme for the month is "...and the world was silent again"
"No, Shekar, No!"  Her tremorous voice jolts me out of my slumber.It is pitch dark and very silent.

For a moment, a series of images flashing her smiling face accompanied by the gurgle of her laughter dance  all around me.

Then I remember . That night when I had to leave her behind. The absolute terror in those eyes! The eyes that were pleading with me. I had no choice.

"Shekar, Promise me! Promise me that you'll always be with me." The day I proposed, she had whispered these words as she buried her head in my chest and wrapped her arms tightly around me.

 Panic engulfs me. I must go back to her.

I rush outside. The moment I step out, a familiar smell wafts through the air. Roses! The roses in her perfume!Then I hear that gurgle again.

I turn around and I see her, dressed in her favorite floral skirt and pink shirt. Her features seem to be accentuated by those flowers in her hair.

Her eyes are locked in mine as she walks towards me.


 "Shhh" She brings her fingers to my lips and does not allow me to complete.Gently she holds my hands in hers. "Lets go" she says softly.

The mourners and the priest did what they had to do and the world was silent again.
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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year Check List

Well, like every other year that I am destined to be a part of, 2012 also drew to a close.

Come New Years Day and every one is talking about New Year Resolutions...ranging from simple things like being punctual to slightly tougher ones like losing weight and really complex ones like career shifts...

Of course there is one category that does not believe in them or rather simply do not have any.

I should mention about the self-declared enlightened souls for whom New Years Day is just another day in the calendar and God knows why there is such a lot of hoo-haa all over the globe!

The media is abuzz with umpteen Top Ten lists of 2012. Top Ten movies (Best and Worst), Top ten events, etc etc....

I was thinking of what to put in a New Years post and I thought of an exercise we could all do...
  1. Take a piece of paper and chalk out a list of things that you did in 2012 that you feel genuinely good about. 
  2. It could be an achievement, a new learning , a kind act, anything.
  3. Take some time to go through the list.
  4. Then make a list of things you want to do in 2013.
  5. On the last day of every month , take that list out and check if you have actually done something in the direction you wanted.
New Experiences: One need not go on an expedition to Mt Everest to get what we call 'experience'. Its relative to what each person has been doing. A simple act like tasting a new fruit for the first time is an experience in its own right. What is imperative is being conscious of every new experience and having the attitude to relish and appreciate it.

A helping hand, a listening ear: The happiness, a selfless act done for someone else brings, is immaculate. Even when a mountain of worry is taunting you, if you help someone, the smile of gratitude would make you a thousand times lighter. There are million ways in which we can make a difference in the world we live in. Donate to an orphanage, join an NGO for volunteering, spread some literacy around or simply visit the nearest hospital once in a while and donate blood. Even if all this is impossible , one of the easiest things to do is provide some kindness and warmth. A simple 'Good Morning' to the old man in the wheelchair whom you see everyday on your way to work would be a noble act.

Some 'Me' time: A lot has been written about the rat race of today's materialistic world that everyone is entangled in. Often one forgets to spare some time to do the things we love to do, that gives us a great amount of peace and happiness. It could be painting for some and poetry to others. Indulge in this 'Me Time' activity regularly. Life would be more stress free.

A little Learning: Knowing new things not only empowers us but instills a whole lot of confidence.The greatest and eternal teacher is life itself.  Often a small amount of retrospection can teach us so many new things. Something I have often heard quoted is 'No learning goes a waste'. If there is some desire you hold to learn something - say to play the guitar or may be Karate(could not think of anything else at the moment) , GO FOR IT.

Thats just a few I could think of.

Before I sign off on this post, just a final line ( Now that I have gotten into a super-preach-mode Somebody stop me!! :) )

We cannot possibly change the circumstances around us but how we react to any situation is entirely in OUR CONTROL.

Wishing you all 

Excellent Health,
A whole lot of fun
And Never Ending Happiness
In 2013.

Happy New Year