Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kuttu - Yo Yo and Eephaants!

I posted a photo of kuttu after a long time on facebook and one of my friends commented
that he is missing my blogs on Kuttu.
Felt good to know that somebody is actually reading them.And So its been that long since I last blogged and thaaaaaaaaaaat long since I actually blogged about Kuttu.
Kuttu has two current obsessions.
One is the song 'Ennamo Aedho' from Kho.He is a huge fan of that song.
Thanks to my set top box with a recording option, I have a copy of it which I play whenever I want my sonny to sit in one place without moving much.This comes extremely handy while giving him his dinner.

He has started immitating the songs on TV as well. As soon as this song starts playing
he would rush to the wall with his back to us and would try dancing like Jeeva with his legs crossed.One more song follows in the recording where the singers dance on huge drums in Chandralekha style. Immediately he will
clammer up onto our coffee table and go dum-dum-dum in rhythm to the beat while I'll keep shouting 'You are going to fall...Get down!'

Even if his upset about something or decides to throw a tantrum his crying would be musical. With tears streaming down his cheeks he would start the sad version of that song which even the music director of Kho is unaware of. 'Yo-Yo-puyiya iya' he would start off.

He also loves the 'Yaathe Yaathe' song from Aadukalam. Whenever he sees a picture of Dhanush in a magazine
or his interview on TV he would start off 'Yaathe Yaathe Yaathennaaaachooooo'.No matter what costume or get up Dhanush is in
.This also applies to cycles. Whenever he sees anyone on a cycle he will start this rendition.

His second obsession is the largest mammal on land - the elephant.Kids normally love kittens and puppies.My baby boy is mad after elephants. At my parents house in Chennai there were some miniature elephant statues in wood and porcelain. Those were his favorite toys. He loves watching Animal Planet.
In fact he gets pretty
excited about every animal he sees on screen and screams the name out with absolute mirth. He is able to pronounce those words perfectly - zebra, cheetah,lion, tigawee(Tiger), deer, bear, snake, chameleon(Yes, I am not joking!), hippo, rhino, dinosaur- he loves all of them and gets them all right. But his favorite is undoubtedly the pachyderm.

We sometimes show him elephant videos from You Tube. As a result, the moment I sit at the comp to check my email he would come rushing, get on to my lap and start requesting for Elphaant Elphaant...If we dont oblige he will keep repeating that simultaneously trying to operate the mouse and the keys to get the elephant on screen. Motivated by his keen interest we took him to the zoo.
He was kind of not very enthusiastic about the actual elephants. The ones on digital frames and miniature ones seem to attract him more.

We got an Elephant Soft Toy for him. That has become his companion.He carries it around every where sometimes even to the bathroom.
At night sometimes when he is deep asleep he would suddenly wake up, say eephant and then fall asleep again.
His first words in the morning when he wakes up is 'elephant'.

One day he kept pointing at the Window and saying 'Eephant Eephant' .When I peeped out he had thrown his favorite toy out of the window.
The cuddly one had undergone a fall from the tenth to the second floor and it lay on the sun shade of the apartment on the second floor.

I went down to that flat and a small dog that they owned growled at me displaying all possible animosity.
Like all other dog-owners they said that he was being friendly and just wanted to play. I love dogs,no offence against them but when you have one growling at you , this is something you cannot agree. I have noticed this statement from quite a few dog-owners though and possibly I'd be saying the same thing if I had one.
Finally I explained that I had come to fetch my son's toy.
They could not reach the sun shade and so they pushed it out with the handle of a mop which I neatly caught from the ground floor
without allowing it to fall.

That elephant sometimes accompanies us when we go out as well. He places it in a comfortable position on the stroller.
One another soft toy animal - may be a tiger or kitten or dog would come along as well, but the elephant is a definite companion.

He will also quickly notice elephants no matter in what size it is in. Right from the print on diapers to the design in jewellery.
He gets very excited about Lord Ganapathy's statues and pictures and also refers to him as 'Eephant'

He gets very excited about the other elephant statues when we go to the temple.

If he sees a person wearing a tourism TShirt from Thailand with an elephant on it
he will get pretty excited and repeat 'Eephant' a million times.

If it were a puppy or a kitten that he liked I may have actually considered buying one for him.
But with elephant, the feasibility is not there and its high-maintenance. So for now he has to be
content seeing them on TV and with his soft toy companion.

If this obsession continues, I am sure my kiddo is going to end up doing Wildlife photography or research.