Monday, May 20, 2019

The park , the child, the sparrow and the butterfly

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Today on my way to work I saw a child in a stroller being pushed by someone in a park.

The weather was beautiful. The sun was shining down on the lake and the ripples in the water moved beautifully. There were so many birds all around.  White birds on the lake , little mynahs hopping on the pathway looking for crumbs , tiny sparrows producing loud tweeting noises totally out of proportion to their tiny physiques. 

The child was observing the birds. Not these ones. Her bird was standing upright, could bake cakes with her feathery hands and was wearing blue shorts and a green shirt . The cartoon kept running on the mobile phone in her hands and she was totally oblivious to the other sights around her .

I am thinking one day the sparrow would perch on her shoulder and join her to watch the baby toon songs and series.

As my bus sped along I saw a poster . "Hindi tuition classes .... composition comprehension grammar ....we cover everything " . On the right was the picture of a happy grinning child in a park chasing butterflies and catching bubbles. Oh yes! That's what they get to do in a tuition class that covers everything . 

We live in an age of enclosed confused childhood !! The digital millennials !