Saturday, November 19, 2016

Song of the rain

Reasons to be elated,
 Image courtesy of [Suriya Kankliang] at
Reasons to grieve,
Reasons to be excited,
Reasons to further achieve,
Reasons to worry,
Reasons to fear,
Reasons to shriek with joy,
Reasons to shed a silent tear,
Reasons that push us high,
Reasons that cow us down,
Reasons to illuminate with a sparkling smile,
Reasons to submerge in a melancholic frown,
We all have some.
Yet, now,
In this infinitesimal slice of time,
When one cloud kisses another,
The air reverberates with the noise of the skies
The heavens take pictures
Of me,
The man in the black jacket
And the woman with the red umbrella
All silenced in unison
By the song of the rain!

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Whats news?

I decided to write a blog post today. About what? Well, I opened a new post page and stared for sometime at the white space and then assuming that it might give some ideas , I shifted my gaze to the Publish button, the Save button, and then at the B  I and the U  on top but no ideas.

There have been times in the past when something in the news has triggered an idea. I open a new tab and say "Get me the news". The main page usually has the "Breaking News" topics. They do successfully break ones confidence about goodness still existing on earth and I prefer to simply skip it for now.

I decide, let me check other sections. 
Entertainment:Its Shahrukh's birthday and he has turned 51 already. Ok, heres the guy who was going ka...ka...ka...Kiran when I had barely entered my teens and he is 51!!!!  I am a fan yes but all the related news reminds you of ones own age!!!

Ok moving on to Lifestyle! There was this dolphin in Sea world Orlando that grabbed an onlooker's I Pad and dove into the pool with it. Its now quite I-bad!!!!

Ok, may be the Health section would give me some nice topic. "Dont Miss! A list of celebrities who have aged horribly over the years". Yeah right! That piece of knowledge is the most significant thing that would impact my health for now or for that matter the health of anyone on this planet!!

Its really what my dad used to say. Not news but nuisance!! Sigh!!!