Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Wish (Flash 55 Fiction)

She was excitedly curious. He would definitely make her birthday special. The sharp pain on her wrists shook her awake. The ropes! It was dark; silent. “God, Let him find me“ she prayed aloud fervently. Light slapped her face. Her kidnapper stood at the doorway with a menacing smile. “Birthday wish granted sweetheart”, he smirked.

This is an attempt as part of the Flash 55 exercise on Write Tribe

Friday, August 2, 2013

Happy Senses - 2

This is a continuation of my earlier post Happy Senses 1. For those who have not read it, basically I am trying to list things that have a deep impact on me with respect to each of the five senses.


Image courtesy of OhMega1982 / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

  • The sounds of nature are the most musical notes on the planet and a rarity in the mad rush of the cities.If one moves a little away from the hustle bustle of the concrete jungle to where there is more greenery the symphony of birds would permeate the air as the sun rises.A myriad of tweets and coos hits our ears as we just peep our heads out of the covers. The world wakes up to tweets these days but on twitter. We need to stop and listen to the real ones for a change!
  • Have you witnessed a small infant or toddler breaking into peals of laughter on something that to us adults would be a totally mundane thing or occurrence. The gurgle of their innocent laughter has a rippling effect and would lift the spirits of all around. Small things like these make life worth living.
  • Imagine a serene clear green lake surrounded by the mystic mountains. One should opt for the yet to be commercially exploited ones where tranquility would hold fort. In the pleasant misty weather, the small waves would gently kiss the lake shore. One should take a boat ride on a non-motorized vehicle. The water speaks to us each time the boatman's paddle slices through the gleaming ripples. Apart from that silence pervades; A quiet peace.
  • I have a fascination for wind chimes. In a gently blowing breeze, the soft tinkling notes they disperse in all directions are magical and meditative. Once during a trip to Bali we came across a wind chime store in a temple at a high altitude. Imagine fifty wind chimes rocking in unison together. It was amazing.
  • While watching a cricket or a soccer match on TV, every time the crowd goes into frenzied screams it fills me with so much excitement. After someone delivers a great performance on stage , when the entire audience goes into a deafening applause it gives one a unique feeling. Applause and cheer always lightens ones mood, though one may or may not be the recepient of the same. Well that reminds me of the moments in school and college when for various reasons one would burst into an elated 'Yay!! Hip Hip Hurrah' with friends.
  • In South Indian functions like marriages there is something called 'Getti Melam'. Its a unique combination of the nadaswaram and melam (the musical instruments) thats played during significant moments like when the groom ties the knot around the bride's neck and makes her his wife. With the guests strewing blessings in the form of flower petals and atchathai (turmeric coated rice) over the couple, the rhythmic music is deafening and befitting that wonderful scene.
  • My list  would be incomplete without something synonymous with hearing ;  music. Everyone likes music in some form though the tastes might be diverse. I enjoy different genres of music and what I would listen to depends on my mood, the weather(Oh yes!), my energy levels etc. There are times I like to listen to soft soothing Ilayaraja numbers and times when I would like to do a crazy jig with some A R Rahman fast number blasting away on my speakers. There are also times when M S Subbulakshmi's voice takes me to a different domain. When MTV first made its way into Indian television I did develop a fascination for Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys and other chart toppers of that time but apart from that I do not follow Western music much save the numbers I get to listen during an occasional taxi ride on radio. Music can be therapeutic, soul stirring.It sometimes provides one a momentary bliss, a peaceful solitude even when surrounded by so many things. 

I thought of clubbing Taste and Touch as well, but then it would be a really long post. Will follow up with those in another post.

Do let me know what you relate with hearing!