Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Highly Sociable

I would definitely do a flash back and post certain sweet sweeter sweetest memories of my kiddo but for now i think its best to just write away current happenings and anywayz i guess we are in the most interesting days now.

One of the first comments I get when anyone sees my son is "He is so friendly". And he is. Whenever we get into the lift he would give a big grin to everyone else. If the other occupants say a hello to him he would give a squeal of delight. Else he would make a lot of "You better give me some attention" noises till those people react. When some guests come home V would usually be asleep. He would get out of bed come running to the hall and fling himself against the guest and go running into their arms with a big big smile. And most guests usually say "I have never seen such a friendly baby"..Call it mommys-bragging but quite a few have actually said that to me.I went to buy vegetables and he willingly jumped from me and went to the billing lady.She was like "You come in the morning and we;ll play.Aunty is a lil busy rt now"
Restaurant and he is the waiters pet...and go visiting people at the hospitals and he is surrounded by the nurses there....His only criteria of not getting restless on an MRT train is "There should be someone making friends with him and talking to him and that too strictly a non-parent" ...i mean neither me nor his dad ha ha...

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