Saturday, April 24, 2010

Save Me!! Scream our belongings!!!

Kuttu has started exploring things and there are some tiny things that only his little fingers can reach. For instance my husband's watch. It was a gift from me for our first wedding anniversary. And now one of kuttu;s favorite play objects. The other day we were sitting on our bed discussing something and our little one was sitting beside us happily playing with daddy's watch. After some time I found a tiny screw on the bed. Soon we figured out that it was the time adjustment screw of the watch. Now as long as we dont have to change time my husband's watch runs fine.If we have to reset the time we dont have an option.

We have got a new LCD TV. And another of kuttu;s favorite pastime is to remove the cover of the remote, pull out the batteries and play with them. Now the latch connecting the cover to the remote is broken and I have to resort to some repair means like a rubber band or cello tape.

And as long as kuttu is in the house we can expect a whole lot of things in the most unexpected places. The other day I found the weight of my pressure cooker in his baby bag. And every now and then he will remove things from my kitchen and place them in some corner in the house or worst case in the bathroom.

We have two cupboards and both their drawers are now damaged; result of Kuttu constantly trying to pull them out and sometimes trying to empty their contents and stand in them.

Every now and then the internet connection will have a problem.No the connection is perfect but our son would be really interested in the network and would have pulled out some wire. But I have to admit that I learn some new things because of him as well.For instance I had no idea that our modem had a stand-by switch.When the internet connection was not working I examined the connections and figured out that there was in fact a stand by switch that my baby had happily pressed.

Every day is an adventure saving some of our precious belongings from our darling brat!!!

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