Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Skin Care Day

Today was skin care day for my son.In the morning I was busy in the kitchen.There was absolute silence in the house.Kuttu with no noise is kuttu upto some definite mischief.I came into his room and saw that he was washing his toy car with calamine lotion.I had placed it on the bathroom shelf and he had somehow got it.Now he had opened it and he had the pale pink lotion all over him,his legs,arms and face.And he was happily applying it all over his car.
In the afternoon I was preparing lunch for our little brat.I came to the hall and saw that it had been whitened.He had caught hold of the talcum powder and had somehow opened its lid.So there was talcum powder all over the floor and he was rolling away to glory in that.He had the powder on his hair , nose,cheeks and was a funny sight.And the nice rose fragrance lingered throughout the day in our home.He was playing in the spilt powder as if it were snow.

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