Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Feline Memories


  1. Hey this was an awesome one :)
    I could actually visualize Chinnu's "cat walk" and pranks..
    I wish there was digi cam those days..Even I used to think that a lot my childhood memories must have been in pics if there was a cam like today :(

  2. That was a sweet story told. I somehow can't take cats..I could visually imagine chinnu in your mom's lap while stitching. My mom also used to sew on the machine..:) I remembered a similar story. My dad got two dogs from an old couple who could no longer take care of them. He did it when my mom was out of town, or else she would say no. So, the dogs being raised in a brahmin family, would eat only curd rice. I started giving them chicken and my mom was worries. Guess what? the dog didn't want to eat curd rice again and whenever she would eat chicken, she would never not touch curd rice for a day or two. And I get the usual scolding from my mom..:P