Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Eephant- Lost N Found!!!

My kuttu;s eephant had an adventure last Sun
We had gone to the local library with Kuttu on the stroller...Kiddo insisted that we should take his elephant along...So we did!!
After browsing available books and checking out a couple we headed back home. While I was doing this, my hubby was showing our son some thing on the library net browsing desks to keep him occupied.
After we came back home we got into a Skype call with my mom. 'Kutta! Show Patti your elephant!' my mom remarked. Thats when my husband and I gave each other a 'Oh No' look. We had left the eephant at the library next to the computer terminal. Usually we leave it back in the stroller outside the library but Kuttu wanted to bring him along as well.
The library was closed for the day and there was no way of getting it back.
We abstained from using the E-word in English and Tamil lest our kuttu got reminded of it. Also tried to keep him engaged with something else!! I know!! TOO MUCH OF A FUSS about a soft toy!!! But kids can be really obsessed with a few toys and only if you have kids you'll be able to relate !!!
Luckily he did not seem to mind its absence and slept off.
The next day first thing in the morning I rushed to the library!! Luckily they had tucked our soft skinned pachyderm safely in a drawer!!
One end i was too happy for my son!! I had already started building up plan B in case it was not found!! About making a trip to the zoo to get a new one!! In all of Singapore, we found that elephant toy only there. Strange, yet true!! Thats closer to a real elephant unlike the cartoonish ones we get elsewhere.
On the other hand, I guess I have also kind of got sentimentally and stupidly attached to that soft toy!!! It has become like a family member now anyways!!!!

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