Monday, May 23, 2016

Getting ready for a photoshoot at school

My little girl is two and a half now and goes to a nearby playgroup for two hours.

On Thursday they were supposed to have a group photo taken.

I decided that I should get her impeccably dressed and ready for the photo shoot. (We mothers of girls are always at it aren't we! )

Well I was busy with something in the morning and the husband was glued to his laptop. Anyone with a toddler will vouch for the fact that a silent house is a most dangerous one. The silence ignited a doubt in me and I went to check. My darling had helped herself to my kajal stick on the dressing table and was now in the bathroom trying to wash herself. Her hands were black, her dress had patches of kajal. The toilet bowl had tiny handprints of kajal all over it. Above everything else, she had smeared it all over her face. I had a mini visitor from some tribal groups in Lakshadweep standing and grinning at me in my bathroom, soot all over her charming face.

After the initial gasp of utter shock I set about cleaning her up. I applied coconut oil all over her to dissolve the stickiness and then gave her a good bath.

She was roaming around the house while I was busy in the kitchen. After sometime she came running to me, this time covered in white all over. Oh dear! Who asked me to leave the curd on the table!

I normally give her a small bindi with eyeliner. As we set off finally she said "I don't want water bottle" and proceeded to remove the bottle that was hanging around her neck. In the process she smudged the bindi and had a huge black line all the way across her tiny forehead. Thankfully I had wet wipes and I quickly went about setting things right.

Finally when we reached school she tripped and fell down. She was not hurt but crumpled the uniform I had ironed with care and the tucked in shirt came out.

Nevertheless I smoothed it out , tucked it back and sent her inside the playgroup.

At the end of it all no photoshoot happened that day. It got cancelled!


  1. Life can never be more thrilling than this, Jaishree especially if you have a toddler at home:)

  2. Life can never be planned.. can it :)

  3. But the preparation was all worth it.
    Better equipped for the next time.

  4. Enjoyed the photoshoot immensely

  5. Jeez, too much drama for a day!

  6. Ayyo devre!!! After all THAT !!!!
    Silence= danger.....So true with the little ones :)

  7. When the kids are silent, they must be cooking something. That's an interesting tale:)

  8. All in the day's work with a toddler!! :))

  9. I had commented on this post king back ! Cant see it :(

  10. Aren't they handful? Make her read this when she is a mother.

  11. :) As Saru says above.. Make her read when the little one grows up he he he