Saturday, November 24, 2018

Family Game - The Relationship Game

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There is a game I have been playing with my kids of late. A family game sorts.

Does not need any equipment. Its called "The relationship game"

I really don't remember who taught me this or where I came across this for the first time. But i taught it to my kids and they love it.

  • The first person begins by saying a word ...any word....its his choice.
  • The next person needs to say whatever he can think of in relation to that.
  • This goes on in circles for a few rounds.

For example

Player1 Player2 Player 3
car road black
night moon white
milk butter cake
birthday presents games
olympics athletics running
track lines geometry
maths school classroom
charts colors rainbow
sky cloud rain
water sea waves
beach sand castle
princess tiara jewellery
gold mine tunnel
dark torch switch

  • After say 7 to 8 rounds the fun starts...We need to go in reverse. The last person will start recollecting what the person before him had said.
  • For instance after torch in the above example, the last person finishes with switch. Then he starts the reverse process. He has to say what the person before him had said, i.e torch,.
  • The person before him has to recollect what the one before him had said before that a.k.a dark.

  • We try recollecting till we reach where we started.

Player3 Player2 Player 1
torch dark tunnel
mine gold jewellery
tiara princess waves
sea water rain
cloud sky rainbow
colors charts classroom
school maths geometry
lines track running
athletics olympics games
presents birthday cake
butter milk white
moon night black
road car!

Try it....It keeps you hooked.

Its also a nice exercise to improve focus and memory.


  1. Excellent family game. I loved it. But I don't see any "furniture" in your example. May be I did not read them correctly.

  2. Sounds like fun! There is so much we can do with kids when they are young and have loads of fun!

    1. Thats true. I had a Physics teacher who told me about games they used to play as a family and it was truly inspirational

  3. Interesting game. Never knew about this. I am suggesting this to my family. :-)