Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Good old rotary dial phones

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In todays world, landline phones , i mean the ones rooted to their spots are becoming a rarity.

There was a time when they were the luxury belonging of many a home especially in India.

Before the push button phones there were the rotary dial phones . I was always fascinated by them especially the whirring noise with which the dial retracted to its position . I loved telephone numbers that had the number 9 , that stretched the longest .Even the dial and ring tones were loud and distinct for these phones.

I used to watch in absolute fascination whenever my dad picked up the receiver and started dialling someones number. One thing about these phones is they were lesser prone to error when dialling someones number . You could press 8 instead of 0 or 2 instead of 3 in a push button one. That was a rarity with these beautiful pieces of engineering art.

Those were times when neighbourhood friendships developed through permissions for "your kith and kin to reach you through my telephone"

There are numerous movie songs that have been picturized around the idea of phones. The heroine would be perched on 1 and the hero would climb up a rope from 0 to reach her and they would go " la la la la la"

After some time there were only push button phones and then came the chordless ones.

If i get a chance i will definitely get a rotary dial phone. Wonder if they will still work in todays Voip set up !

Image source : wikimedia commons by Nition1

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