Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Give me some sunshine

Aaditya Hrudayam Punyam Sarvashatruvinaashanam
Jayavaham japennithyam akshayam paramam shivam

These are the first two lines of Aaditya Hrudayam a Hindu Sanskrit hymn praising the sun God. It refers to the sun as destroyer of enemies. Here enemy is not to be taken literally . Lack of confidence, lethargy , stress ,  ill health and a lot of things that harm us from the inside will be wiped out by the power of the sun !

This is not a post promoting religion. Today morning as i was driving , the rising sun had me spell bound. Not hot , but warm and loving - a big orangish yellow circle in the sky and i was reminded of this.

Well yes, i know scientifically there are millions of stars in the galaxy like the sun but to us its a visible beautiful source of energy that hovers over us , illuminating all our lives.

Social media is full of ways in which solar energy can be tapped .There was a time when the only solar panels I knew were the maroon chips at the corners of calculators.Thats about it! Now, we have roads being laid with hidden solar panels to solar panels floating on water. 

I often hear people living in hot humid places complaining about the weather . People living in cold places know the hard reality! .... the grass is not green on the other side....Not metaphorically but even literally because even grass needs sunlight to grow ha ha

Have you seen the movie "Chronicles of Narnia" . The evil white queen removes all the sunshine and greenery and leaves the land white and cold and barren ! When the curse breaks it transforms beautifully!

In fact all our lives revolve around this burning sphere as our tiny planet revolves around it. The water cycle, the rain , vegetation , crops - Every morsel of food we consume and the entire planetary life cycle depends upon it.  Have you seen the first scene of the song "the circle of life" from The Lion King ? The sun the song the singing ....wow !

At a personal level one of the things i love in life is the gentle morning sunshine. The one that gently spreads its rays  through our windows, comes around you and holds you in a warm embrace ! 

There are lots of things recommended to fill our beings with positive energy. Sun salutation is an important aspect of yoga. Traditionally the recommended direction for most activities is east west along the solar trajectory .

Stand facing the morning sun, gently close your eyes and take in as much energy and positivity as you can . You would be filled with enthusiasm and vigour and a renewed confidence!

Of course the vitamin D comes extra for free ! 

I remember reading the story of a king who was perennially sick. Then came a famous physician, gave him a long mallet and advised him to get on horseback and go about hitting a ball with it .  The king got cured and polo was born . 

Let the sun in and your days will be sunny!

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