Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Animagi - From The Potter series!

My son is reading the Harry Potter Series and along with him, I started reading for the second time.

On re-watching a movie that we enjoyed, we tend to notice subtle details that we had not the first time. I think the same holds true for books. Certain wordings and details and quotes touch you differently depending on how old you are as well. Last time, I was in college and now I am mother of two!

One of the spells in Harry Potter series is the Animagus curse, the ability to turn into a particular animal. Sirius is a dog, McGonagall is a cat, Peter Pettigrew a villainous rat! We do have fantasy stories in Indian folklore about serpents and mongooses that can assume human form at will! (Btw someone enlighten me, when more than one, is it mongooses or mongeese?) I wonder!

If I had that power, wonder what I would want to turn myself into? 

A dog?  I would not want to be on a leash every time I go out.

A cat? Naah! 

Elephant! They are such magnificent creatures and I have a huge load of respect for the matriarchs in every herd for the way they run the show!

Tiger perhaps? It looks so majestic and proud and fearless and bold.

May be a panda?  They look cute , are cuddly and all they do is eat and sleep! Perfect with may be Netflix access ! 

A bear ..May be a polar bear! The snow, the winter, the whiteness! Eat some fish, do some swimming and play in the snow! I know winter is hard! But trust me, for people living in tropical and hot places, snow is heaven!

Maybe a panther! A black one! Like Bagirah in Mowgli...Did you know that black panthers also have spots and they are just not clearly visible due to their dark coats?

A peacock maybe? But only the males look so attractive with all the blue and green. Peahens look like slightly bigger garden fowls! 

A unicorn?? Yeah unicorns are imaginary but so is turning into an animal! Yes, I would like to be a white unicorn that can fly with a rainbow colored horn and mane that feeds on only ice-cream and does not get fat after that!

I sound like a preschooler I guess but that's what happens when you are a mother of two and watching a lot of  My Little Pony episodes with your daughter!

So what animal would you like to be?


  1. I would like to be a bird so that I can fly to my heart's content. Thank you for reviving my memories of Harry Potter ❤️

  2. Aww... I'd love to be a unicorn too. But since that's taken, I'll opt for Pegasus. Any mystical creature is fine. I'm not too picky. ;)

    1. Pegasus .... we have a similar one in Hindu mythology that came out during the churning of the ocean.

  3. You are so right about the new perspectives that we gain while re-watching a film or re-reading a book.
    For some reason, I haven't taken a liking to Harry Potter, though my son used to read them, when he was in school.
    But, I began watching a number of cartoons that he used to watch.
    By the way, when I take part in A to Z Challenge, I always remember you, because it was from a post on your blog in 2018 that I got to know about the Challenge for the first time, and I subsequently signed up.

    1. Really , nice to know. This time I am determined to stick on till Z. Let's see :)

  4. Hi Jayashree, thank you for visiting my post "the Apple doesn't fall far from the tree". Is this the blog you're posting your A-Z?

  5. Ah, reading again and watching again HP, we never get tired of it! I would love to be a bird, maybe a phoenix like the Dumbledore's one?
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  6. It's a good question. I think it comes down to whether it serves a purpose or whether it is wish fulfillment. The Marauder's became animagi to support their friend, and McGonnagal put her skills to use for reconnaissance and spying for the Order.

    I think being an orangutan would be pretty cool :0)

    (It bugs me that animagism isn't really explored more in the Potterverse: it seems like it's a big deal - only seven legal animagi in the last century. It's a tricky bit of transfiguration so you can understand that McG would be able to do it, but there are lots of illegals - how did they manage it? I'm not sure I believe Rita Skeeter has the ability really).

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  7. Good question! I never gave this a thought! What would I be? Hm...... a sparrow..... or an eagle..... I could fly anywhere!

  8. I've read (or listened to) the Harry Potter series many times. The audio version read by Stephen Fry are a particular comfort when I'm not well, but as I was already an adult when I read them, I've not had a different perspective each time, only noticed more details.

    In terms of animal, I would be a cat - either black or ginger.

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  9. Fresh food for thought, thanks Jayashree. Now I look forward to when my kid comes to reading age. And totally agree, when u watch a movie or read a book 2nd time- it delivers more as we are already familiar with plot summary.