Friday, May 21, 2010

I hate sitting in the pram!!!

My kiddo is now nearing seventeen months and one of the latest developments is that he can climb on to the stroller all by himself. When we are all set to go out he would come running,climb on to it and secure the safety latch also.But the other side of the coin is that he can also climb out of it.Well not exactly but he can free himself of the safety belt and stand on it like Houdini who has just freed himself from a tight lock.Obviously we cant push him around like that.The end result is that its becoming a tough experience going out now.As long as the pram is in motion he is fine.But if I stop at some point immediately he would be up on his seat.This becomes all the more difficult when the things in the shop arouse his curiosity.And most of the shops that we visit would very much fall into that category including any department store.No amount of tightening of the belt has been of any help.So now the only option is to carry him around!!! Its fun in its own way though.

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