Friday, May 28, 2010

No Curd Day!!!!

Today its a no curd day for us.Not that we are into some kind of fasting.It just ended up like that.Yesterday after we finished our dinner, I placed some milk on the stove and came to the hall.I got so engrossed in the latest reality show that the milk on the stove became a totally forgotten event.After some time I felt something burning.I rushed to the kitchen to check if I had forgotten to switch off.Now this part of the story is something I myself am not able to comprehend.I found everything in order in the kitchen.The flame was probably in a very simmered state and I mistook it to be off.I came back to the hall announcing that its from somewhere outside.My husband said that probably its the barbeque party downstairs.I even grumbled and cursed the partying folks for producing such obnoxious odours.After some time the memory of the milk I placed on the stove came crashing out of my memory.You should have seen the sight.The vessel was pitch black and the kitchen smelt horrible.I somehow heated some more milk on the microwave and poured some curd and retired for the day.The next day our Kuttu woke up very early as usual.I found him playing with his toys and I went to the washroom to brush and freshen up.It would have been hardly five minutes.When I went to the kitchen I found that my darling tall toddler had toppled the set curd from the kitchen counter and had spilt it all over the floor.And he had curd on his feet as well.So first chore of the day was cleaning up the curd on the floor.So mommy and sonny together ensured that daddy gets no curd today!!!!

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