Tuesday, September 13, 2011

From an IPhone on the iPhone !!

Whoa ! Just discovered this iPhone app that helps to blog ! This is great !

When my husband offered to get me an iPhone for my birthday I was initially not very interested ! I did not have a very good idea about iPhone apps I must admit . I just thought of it as a fancy phone that was sought after with craze by teenagers and gadget-ohlics !

I also thought that I would not be using 3G or wifi much ! "I am really not fascinated by that" I declared to my husband;"to me it's enough if I can talk & SMS and maybe a good camera would be good " . But somehow my husband thought that it is a good gift for me! The moment we landed in the shop I got pretty excited though ! Who is not by owning something fancy !

I had this manager who kept pulling my legs that I was the only one in the team who did not own a phone that was smart ! He had left my company by the time I got this one . My very first message was to him 'hi ! Now my phone is also as smart as yours :) ' !

After that I slowly started exploring the world of iPhone apps and the features of my iPhone 4 ! 'hey I can do this ! I can do that ' i would brag to my husband !
Now I kind of got an idea why all those individuals on the local trains were so glued to this rectangular thing !
'these people are so addicted! It would affect their finger bones and muscles and also their eyes' I used to comment ! Now I am also a part of that group I was commenting about!
There is something for everyone in there !
'hope u don't get addicted to angry birds ' was the response from my friends ! I am a human being and one of the unwritten rules of mankind is to try out the things u have been warned about ! I immediately decided to explore what angry birds was and luckily have not got addicted to it so far !
I also found a way to keep my toddler seated at a place ! All i had to do was play some of his favorite videos either from you tube or from those that I have stored !
Even now as I type this i am checking the expected arrival of buses and planning my journey !
I have got into the habit of periodically checking the top free apps and installing a few of them to explore ! And I have started observing the Ads about the Apps . I have not installed any paid apps so far though ! The unpaid ones are quite sufficient to keep me occupied .
I am sure that by now we would have some analytical questionnaires out there with the title 'tell me what apps you have and i will tell u your personality ' !
Suddenly this phone seems to have toppled all the earlier top selling mobiles from their positions .
As i sign off on this post I get reminded of the statement from the clown at mc Donalds -- 'I am loving it '

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  1. I have faced a similar experience Jaishree a year back..but I started loving it the more i got glued to it with apps! Sadly I have version 3 :(
    Try out some free apps from photography..they are fun! You will like them!