Sunday, September 18, 2011

Landing in Phuket !

Phuket airport is quite small though it's an international one ! They provide on-arrival visas to Indians . Each visa costs 1000 Thai bhat and all you need is a passport size photograph .
As we exited from the airport one guy came to us and said "Sir,Taxi ?" . We nodded yes and he lead us to one of the travels booths and handed us a pamphlet ! "visit to phi phi islands ! Only 2800 tb per person ! We pick u up at the hotel and drop u back. We also provide lunch " he declared . Puzzled my husband queried "we need a taxi now to go to our hotel!"
"u book this for your family sir and it comes with a free ride to your hotel now " he declared with the best salesman-smile he could muster . We did not want to book anything hastily without inquiring first . "No, we want just a taxi to the hotel " ."That would be 1800 tb sir! please come this way" he said and started walking ahead ! We had not had enough time to do any sort of research about Phuket before leaving but I did remember reading on some website that a trip from the airport to the area we were heading to cost around 600 to 800 tb . I quickly conveyed that to my hubby ! He gestured to our salesman to hold on and went in to inquire at the pre-paid taxi booth ! He came back with a prepaid ticket for 750/- . Our friend was about to charge us more than double of that !
We had booked at the 'karon beach resort ' for our stay . Patong is the most developed beaches at Phuket followed by Karon ! Our resort was located on the latter and was recommended by quite a few on travelocity for a family holiday . These beaches are located next to each other and it takes an hour to reach either from the airport !
Considering the prices in other parts of south east Asia for that distance 750 is a very reasonable price .
We reached our resort at around 10 pm and checked in . The moment we entered our room we were convinced that we had made a good choice . The resort almost literally stood on the beach and we had a magnificent view . It was dark but we could see the ocean in the dim lights of the hotel that cast their glow on the shore . There was a nice breeze and we could hear the waves lashing against the shore . There was a beautiful balcony . Perfect for long conversations extending onto the wee hours of the night . Kuttu was also extremely excited .
Room service closed at 10.30 . We were pretty hungry by then . But there are adjoining restaurants and departmental stores that stay open till almost and sometimes beyond midnight. We got some bread and instant noodles that was more than enough to satisfy our tummies .

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