Thursday, March 8, 2012

Gavaskar at the border ?

We were watching the Tamil version of kaun banega crorepathi after dinner . The contestant was at his question for 3 lakh rupees .
Actor Surya said with a piercing look 'here is your question for 3 lakh ! Between which two countries is the Border-Gavaskar trophy held in cricket ? '
Before going any further I should mention that my involvement in cricket is limited to the one day matches that india plays where I just join the members of my family in the cheer-india frenzy and familiarity with the extremely popular and worshipped Gods of the game like Sachin Tendulkar . Otherwise my knowledge is comparable to a toddler's knowledge of rocket science !
This being the case it's best to keep ones mouth tightly shut when questions on it are asked in a quiz program on Tv .
But the tongue and the vocal cords are the craziest parts of the human body that can go entirely out of control at times .
'India - Pakistan ' I said with absolute confidence. My husband also said the answer but we both did not hear each other clearly and simply assumed that our answers were the same. Now this was before the actual options were given for the question !
I also need to mention that a few seconds before this question was asked I had bragged to my husband 'these contestants are so dumb and these questions are so silly !I should have tried to participate . Surely would have won a few lakh I guess '
Coming back to the question when the choices were shown I was surprised ! 'hey ! India-Pak illave illa' (how come india- Pak is not there!) I exclaimed ! Then I sheepishly looked at my hubby and asked 'you said india-Australia is it ? '
'of course yes ! You said india-Pak is it ? How on earth did u arrive at it ? '
There is a saying in Tamil that goes 'keezha vizhunthalum meesai la man ottalai ' ( u fall but claim that there is no sand on your moustache!)
I was a perfect example for that at this juncture!
'Border-Gavaskar rt ! So I thought it's a tournament between two countries sharing a border!' I said with an air in the likes of Bill Gates talking about Windows !
'Border is for Allan Border, dumbo ' my husband exclaimed !
Oh yeah! That Australian Dude !
But I was still holding on tight to my no-sand-on-moustache stand !
'This is called lateral thinking ! My reasons make sense , remember?'
'ok ! Then what is Gavaskar doing at the border ? ' he quipped . By now he was shaking with laughter !
' I thought it's a match between the bordering countries in honor of Gavaskar!'
The fact is that I had actually applied this reasoning to arrive at the answer - call it an-overdose-of-lateral-thinking !
My husband was laughing uncontrollably by now ! 'i think I should put this on Facebook ! ' he added .
Then he called up my brother in Chennai and narrated the whole thing . When I got on the phone I repeated my theory-of-border still sticking on to my I-know-it-all air of confidence !
'hey ! It was you who said that is it ? Adi makku(idiot) ! I thought it was the contestant on tv !' my sibling responded with mirth and he too started laughing . By now my 3-yr old joined his dad and uncle and started laughing too though I am sure he had no clue of what all the excitement was about !
'Good that u did not participate ! Else u would have created a brawl there that all options are wrong ! ' said my hubby who was by now rolling on the floor at my ludicrous theory.
Overall whether he was at the border or not , Gavaskar did provide a hearty laugh to the men-folk in my life !


  1. hahaha!! Lovely post. And I loved the you still decided to stick to your stand when everybody else were having a hearty laugh! :D

  2. Thanks a lot Akshay!!! I was also laughing along but i did stick to my stand:)

  3. super hilarious :D but yes there was logic in ur argument. i m sure Gavaskar will provide a hearty laugh to all ur visitors as well :)

  4. You are not the only one to think that way Jaish. While reading your post, I too thought it's India -Pak trophy. I mean..I don't even know that Mr.Border is!

  5. Ha ha ... on the same boat as me Vaish :)