Thursday, August 23, 2012

Liebster and 33 questions again!

Three good friends of mine in the blogosphere honored me by passing the Liebster Blog Award. I am humbled by their kind gesture and thank them with all my heart.

Anupam Patra at Reflections has been enriching the knowledge of his readers with regards to the legal system in India. He writes awesome poetry and fiction as well.

C.Suresh  at Life is Like This says humour is his forte but certain short stories he wrote recently dealing with human emotions tugged at the hearts of the readers. A very versatile writer.

Neha at Neha's Journal is the  winner of the Lakme Diva Blogger Contest at Indiblogger and her posts continue to enthrall her readers.

I have to answer 33 questions in all and so I am skipping the facts about me part!

From Anupam :

1] 'Checkered blue n white' or 'black'?
2] Curtains or no curtains?
3] Hardcover, paperback or ebooks?
4] What's your ambiance while writing?
Nothing specific, just that my brain should not be taking a big break :) (which it often does)

5] Do you plan to publish a novel?
I have plans but to realize it few others must plan as well rt? Publishers for a start :D ha ha For now its may be some day....
6] Do you like to make a gift for your loved one or do you rather buy?
Make a gift anyday ...Its always special
7] Which is the most beautiful color according to you?
There is a line in a song in AlaiPayuthey which quotes 'the feet of a child that has not touched earth yet'  the tender pink in that...
The blue in the peacock's neck...
The white of the pristine clouds...
Every color is beautiful in its own way

8] What’s your mantra in life?
Live and let live :)

9] Have you ever thought of becoming a soldier in your life?

10] Do you have stage fear?
When speaking no. But there are times I was asked to sing and then its stage panic ! (And a ear-ful torture for the rest! :)  )

11] ‘Mickey mouse/ Aladin/Duck Tales’ or ‘ Shin Chan/ Doraemon/ Kitretsu’?
Duck Tales
From Suresh:

1. What do you think is your best post?
The tribute I wrote for my dad
2. Which of your posts do you think was most under-appreciated?
Hmm...Those that I published when I just started blogging...Then I was not part of any major blogging networks and hence very less readership
3. What genre are you unable to attempt and wish to?
Murder Mysteries 
4. What is the one unachieved dream that you look forward to achieving?
 Publishing a book :)
5. What is the aspiration that you think you can never achieve?
I like life simple...I wish for small small things...They happen , well and good...Dont , then something better is in store...No huge aspirations...So nothing!
6. What is most important to you - Values, Relationships or Money & Fame?
7. Which do you prefer - a peaceful life or a life of passion and turbulence?
A peaceful life any day....for the latter I take the help of movies
8. Which place in India do you most desire to visit?
I dont think any other country on earth offers so much variety and abundance of colors like India...Its a traveller's paradise....I would probably like to go on an All-India tour covering as many places as I can from Thar Desert , back waters of Kerala, mountain ranges of Himachal, temples of Tamilnadu....Its Incredible India!
9. Which place in the World do you most desire to visit?
I would like to visit as many places as possible...Nothing specific
10. What is it that you like the most about India?
 Culture, heritage and unity in diversity (that reminds you of Social Studies? )
11. What is it that you dislike the most about India?
Political System and Politicians, Corruption, Beggary, Casteism and basically every social evil we all blog about

From Neha:
Have you everfallen  o ff your bed while sleeping?
Yep! :)
Do you still sleep with your teddybear?
Nope, but I love watching my son sleeping hugging his pet soft elephant!
Which celebrity do you have a crush on rt now?
No one! Most of them seem a little too dumb! :) (Hope none of them read this!)
Have you ever done somethingwild and crazy ? If so, do tell.
Yeps! Bungee Jumping! Can read about it at A Not So Bungled Bungee Act
Your favouritesuper hero?
Hanuman from the Ramayana, he is the world's oldest superhero I suppose!
Your favourite child hood cartoon character?
Tom n Jerry
Your hobbies?
Reading(I prefer light humor and murder mysteries), Cooking
Your favourite author?
I like those who can write light humor filled romantic novels and also murder mysteries and all who write that...Just finished a novel by Janet Evanovich...
I like Agatha Christie and am a big Harry Potter Fan
Your favourite junk food?
Pizza, Vada,Chat items
Your favorite music band?
When MTV made its way to my home through Cable TV I used to like Backstreet Boys and Boyzone and Spice Girls and almost every band that played on that channel...I guess I was trying to be cool!! ha ha
Now I listen more to film music...Love melodies of Ilayaraja and also songs with a fast beat...
Are my questions silly and stupid ?
I better not answer that ;) (Nope, they are quite good :) )

Now, I would like to pass this award on to the following bloggers whose posts are always a delight to read

N.S Kirti at Verses From My Heart
PrivyTrifles at Memoirs Of Me
Deepa Duraisamy at Deepa's Kaleidoscope
Rajrupa Gupta at Riot of Random
Jayadev Menon at Sales Coach
R.P.S Ravi at SunByAnyName
Ash at M*U*S*I*N*G*S
Jas at Going Beyond the Pages

I am supposed to ask another 11 questions to these friends , rather I would like to ask one thing...

State 11 things you think are required for a happy and fulfilling life..Could be things, principles, rules anything! :)


  1. WOW!!

    Firstly congrats to you dear,a truly well deserved one :)

    Loved your answers - Its a pleasure knowing you more!

    Same pinch for a certain Mr. Potter ;)

    And lastly, thank you so much dear for passing this award to Me, truly honoured!

    1. Hey dear, your award is adorning my cap-

  2. Hey congrats dear ... :)
    Thanks ...

  3. I don't know what to say since it is not something that I am used to. Thanks for thinking so high of my blog. I am going to respond to your 'Eleven things required for a happy and fulfilling life' without too much of thinking. Here it goes:

    #1. Good health. Without this, all others are but impracticable.
    #2. Enough. All the money in the world cannot buy it. I have copied this from Joseph Heller's response to Kurt Vonnegut, when the latter brought out the opulence in a billionnaire's party they were attending. Joseph said, "But, I have something that the b doesn't have. I have enough."
    #3. Friends. If you are happy without friends, you must be abnormal. A man was nearing hundred and he boasted, "I don't drink, womanise, smoke, don't like music and friends....and in a few months time I shall be celebrating my 100th birthday." At this, one reporter had a simple thing to ask, "How?"
    #4. Simplicity. A complicated or complex life is not worth having even if you have tons of weighs on you.
    #5. Music. A life without music is.....well, life without music. Music is simply the soul of life.
    #6. Imagination. An idiot is the happiest. However, if you can see and perceive beauty in God's world, in the simplest of things that He or She or even It made, life can e suddenly most enriching, most satisfying.
    #7. Ability to Listen. There is no point in having music if you can't listen, can't feel. Remember Wordswoth?
    The stars of midnight shall be so dear
    For her and she shall lean her ear
    In many a secret place:
    Where rivulets dance their wayward round,
    And beauty born of murmuring sound,
    Shall pass into her face.
    #8 Gratefulness. God, (or whosoever you want to thank), thank you for giving me the gift of yet another day, for eyes to see, for ears to listen and for heart to feel.
    #9 Love. This is not listed low. It is the essence of all the points above. Life can NEVER be fulfilling if one goes through life without loving. As they say, it is better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all.
    #10 Work. You have to find something that your hands can do: write, row, dig, paint, cook, anything. However, if you are workless, you are sans happiness.
    #11 Outreach. If you can't reach out to people who have less than you, you cannot be happy. There is great happiness in giving. It lessens your burden. As the Bible says, "I lamented I had no shoes until I saw a man who had no feet."

    Jaishree, when I started writing about ten minutes ago, I didn't even know if I could finish eleven. I am not going to edit or even read back....since the most fulfilling life is one without regrets...I have no regrets that I have missed out many seemingly impressive things from my lit!

    1. Wow sunbyanyname lovely set of points . U could Probably post these on ur website . Though written in ten minutes they display a lot of wisdom and prudence :) I am glad they are sitting as a comment on my blog !

  4. Congratulations, Jayashree.... Loved reading so many things about you :) And I must say, you were quick, I have still not been able to get my answers down!!

    1. Thanks Amruta . Not all that quick ,Anupam passed it to me quite some time ago ! :)

  5. Thanks Jaish for that 'versatile writer' business!! Hope that I am not totally mistaken in considering humor to be my forte :)

    1. Ofcourse not Suresh . Ur humor posts are awesome And have brightened many a day of mine . I guess .'the gates of hell' has left a lasting impact :)

  6. Jaish, Congrats, again!!! :)

    Lovely 'Beautiful colour' answer. :)

  7. Congratulations Jayashree.

    (And I'm humbled by your admiration.)

  8. Wow! That's a load of questions to answer! Congrats. I recently did a blockbuster tag that was lying pending where I answered 40+ questions! Congrats on the award!

  9. Hmm! Now that gives me a mammoth tasks! Hmm... I should start... It's pending for a long for me too!

  10. Wow, a big task you have accomplished answering all those questions. Thanks so much for passing on the award to me. I think its high time I get my act together because there are many pending on me.

    1. Yeah Jas, Tougher than some exams I have taken! Phew!

  11. Congratulations, Jayashree! A well-deserved one!
    loved reading more about you...:-)

  12. congrats ^_^ jaish :D :D

  13. Hanuman is indeed world's oldest superhero.

    congratulations!! and continue to get these awards and answer millions of questions :D.

    for a change, even i am going to do an award and tag post soon but i won't give any award to anyone :D

    1. Thanks Deb . An award and tag post from u should be fun ! Awaiting... :)

  14. Congrats, Jaish! I still don't understand how the entire awards process works, but it all sounds good. :-)

    1. Hi shankari

      One blogger passes to others , they pass to few others and it goes on . And the ones who receive post it on their blogs under awards/accolades . Plus few rules attached to every award like stating facts etc etc :) thanks :)

  15. Just got back online after battling a bad cold/cough/migraine thrown in together! :) Thank you so much for the award! Its a beautiful feeling! I'll put it up shortly :) Congratulations to you too! Had a good time reading about you!

    1. Oh dear, Get well soon and publish the next part of your series fiction :) I like your writing Deepa, you deserve it and Congrats ! Looking forward to reading your post :)

  16. congratulationssssssssssssssssssssssss and party timeeeeee :) yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    1. Thats a short yet verrrrrrrrrry verrrrrrrrrry sweeeeeeeeeeet comment Bikram. Thanks a ton :)

  17. So I've put it up on my Wall of Fame! And also listed 11 things that I think are required :) Over to you! Here's the link. As always, Thank you!