Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Book Review: Bombay Rains Bombay Girls

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Book Title: Bombay Rains Bombay Girls
Author: Anirban Bose
Publisher: Harper Collins
Price: Rs 199

I mainly depend on the library system of Singapore for my reading. Every locality has one with a vast collection of fiction and non-fiction. The best part is you can borrow at any location and return at any. But when it comes to works by Indian authors, the choices are limited. I really like reading them because it feels close to home and its very easy to relate. Flipkart also does not do any overseas delivery if I am not wrong. If any of you know means by which we can get Indian books overseas at affordable prices do let me know in the comments section.

A friend recently lent me this book and it was quite a good read.

The story is set in a medical college milieu. The protagonist Adityaman Bhatt alias Adi, travels all the way from his hometown Ranchi to Bombay in order to pursue his studies in medicine.The rest of the story is about his experiences there with his coterie of friends ranging from ragging to politics to the tragic death of a close pal. Love blossoms between him and one of his classmates and a significant part of the story deals with that too.

Anirban has dealt with myriad of issues in the book and some sections are really thought provoking.
There is one instance where Adi simply removes a safety pin from a patients bed that has been pricking her foot and the chief doctor tells him that this act would be more remembered by the woman than any other treatment she received.
"Today what I want you to learn is what wearing that white coat and carrying that sthethoscope around your neck means. It means you provide relief. Soon you'll realize how little we can actually do to cure diseases in patients, but we can always bring relief by simply listening to them." he says.
Anirban also touches upon how the poor in the country are at the mercy of the doctors in the government hospitals and how no body's permission is sought when using them as objects of observation for the medical students.
One of the characters Toshi is from Nagaland and some light is thrown on the issues faced by the people in the North East . The problems they face in getting accepted in the rest of the country and the tension that prevails in the region are mentioned in the narrative.

I could not find any major shortcomings in the book. The narrative style and the language are quite good.  I would not say its a not-to-be-missed book but i liked it - not too heavy, funny in parts with a fair dose of sentiment and romance.


  1. Borrow at any location return at any - wow ! I envy that...
    Nice post !

  2. Sounds interesting. Not my first preference to read but probably between two books I can pick it up. Its sounds like what I would keep for a free weekend.

  3. I think I bought this book the last time I was in India (2011) but I haven't read it yet. Must pick it up as part of my 70 books on the bookshelf that are yet to be read!

  4. Looks like a light read, something that would pep up a weekend. Will try getting it from somewhere soon :)
    Borrow at any and return at any is something very good, and I'm happy that Singapore has a library system. Haven't heard of any such arrangement here in Dubai.
    And yes, FK doesn't deliver overseas. I buy books from Fk at my Indian address, my mom receives the shipment and I bring the books when I return from an Indian vacation . The backlog is around 50 to-be-read books now, because of this arrangement ! :(

  5. Wow! I loved the library system you have at Singapore. Borrow at any location and return at any is simply cool!!
    The book looks interesting. Let me see, if I can lay my hands on it!

  6. Wonderful review, Jaish! Sounds like a good read, I like the interweaving of important issues by the author here.

  7. A nice and crisp review Jaishree.

  8. Yes this one has come across my notice, yet to read. And a lot of my overseas settled friends complain of a similar thing.


  9. Nice review. The book sounds like an easy read. Might pick it up on a flight.

  10. While I wouldn't say it's my absolute favorite book, I id enjoy reading it :)

  11. I borrow from the library too and it works similarly.. I can borrow in any location and return them at any of the other locations under that County

    This book sounds like a fun read. Thank you for the review!

  12. So this is the book you were mentioning! Will go through it.

  13. I love this book and the friendship between one of the male and female character, devoid of romantic escapade-how they speak freely about sex to each other wo being romantically involved. Was reading the book when I was in a relationship in Mumbai and during the rain..got it for 40 bucks outside Chgate Station. I face the dilemna since I have moved to Mauritius-got very few Indian novels in bookshop. Every time, I got to India, I buy some 40 books and bring along:)