Tuesday, May 1, 2018

X for Xray - short fiction

The month of April is over . Yet I missed out on X Y and Z posts like last year s A to Z blogathon

Anyways planning to complete. Better late than never .

The laboratory technicians at the city hospital were busy . They were preparing the X-ray reports of three patients who had just arrived at the ER.
They had been in a car accident but luckily nobody was in a critically injured state .

They stacked up the three files. The first was a that of a white male , 50 years old and a lawyer by profession. The second was a black man in his twenties , a technician who worked on electric wiring and fixtures . The driver of their shared cab drive was the third to be admitted , a wheat skinned Asian. 

The three files were stacked one upon the other waiting to be sent to the doctors in charge .

Inside were the X rays and they all looked the same . Different shades of gray.


  1. It's ok, Jaish, you couldn't complete the three last letters in April. Glad you would be completing it in the coming days.

    In the midst of my hectic work schedule and some personal home commitments, I just managed to complete the 26 letters.

    And, by the way, I must thank you for my participation in the A2Z Blogging Challenge. Because, I got to know about this from one of your posts in the end of March. And, it was the first time I was participating in any such blogathon.

    Regarding this post on X-ray, it conveys a powerful subtle message. Good one. :-)