Thursday, April 26, 2018

W for water

For my W post I have chosen something that has no colour - water referred to as the elixir of life.

Water takes the shape of it's container and the colour of it's contents or surroundings. We cannot change what happens around us or what those around us do. Some things are totally not in our control. But like water we can beautifully blend and adapt ourselves. I don't mean to say give in to anything and everything and be a scapegoat . Like it's mentioned in many self help books what we are in total control of is not the situation but how we react to it.

Water reminds me of the beauty of the seas and oceans on our planet and the magnificent world of sea creatures.  After all we the humans with so called 6th sense occupy only a fourth of earth. These beautiful fish, sea plants , whales , sea horses , sharks, jelly fish , octopi and millions of water based plants and animals dominate the remaining three quarters .

Earth day just went by. Let's all do our part in reducing the havoc we are causing in nature . Reduce reuse and recycle. 


  1. Something that we all have taken for granted, but now turning into a precious commodity, with all shades of political colour too mixed in it.

  2. Water is LIFE.

    They say the next world war will be over's a scary thought.

    Do drop by mine.