Sunday, April 2, 2017

#AtoZchallenge 2017 - B for Brachiosaurus

I used to be on my school basketball team. When
I was entering Class VIII, we relocated to a new town and I shifted schools.The coaches at the new place saw me on the first day and their hopes of the next year's championship went sky high. For I was quite tall, and to all appearance, was an ideal fit to be the next Michael Jordan of district basketball. ( I don't know any famous names other than that and definitely no female ones. So for now we have to live with that comparison).Soon they saw I was the personification of the running skills of a tortoise and gracefulness of a panda attempting to tight rope walk combined.

Well well well! I started off like that the day i wrote my "A" post assuming my little ones word for B would definitely be ball. We all know B is for Ball. But when i asked her B for? -  She went silent for a second, rolled her eyes , gave a deep thought and then went ba ba ba (They teach her phonics in nursery) "Brachiosaurus".

Whhhhattt? Someone did warn me in the comments.
Image Credit:London looks on Flickr

The first time I learnt about dinosaurs was when Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park got released in India. It was the talk of the town. Watching it became a mandatory thing to be done.People were like ...Have you paid the bills? Have you taken your daily medication? Have you watched Jurassic Park? I was just entering my teens then. Now my children's vocabulary includes Brachiosaurus,triceratops, ankylosaurus, parasaurolophus and...Thats all my impoverished brain can recollect!

Brachiosauruses were supposed to be huge dinosaurs that had longer forelegs than hind legs and  were herbivores. Name any dinosaur movie. The first dinosaur kind to grace the screens would be these timid creatures , silently munching the leaves and letting things be at peace. This kind of sets the perfect scenario for the entry of the ferocious lot like the bellowing, destructive T-Rex.

In the movie Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs , a pregnant Ellie slides down the back of a brachiosaurus with a Zippie Zippie Zoom, with Manny at her heels asking her not to dare to do another one of those. Being a huge mammoth, he has a slight arrogance about his size, until he encounters these gigantic reptiles and goes "I feel so small!". A lesson to be learnt there. We may think we are the best but you never know!

I wonder what would actually happen if in real, mankind manages to recreate live dinosaurs.

  • There would be an amusement park with a "Slide on a brachiosaurus back" ride.
  • Bungee Jumping could be done from its head to the ground too.
  • Instead of an elevator people could use tamed brachiosauruses to reach different storeys in buildings.That would save a lot of energy.
  • If one needs to take aerial shots of some place we just need to get on top of a brachiosaurus's head. No need of cranes or helicopters.
  • Imagine having a brachiosaurus for a pet! I am sure some totally pampered children of millionaire business tycoons would want one, that their fathers would happily oblige. Father-child photos with a smiling brachiosaurus would appear in top magazines. 

This is a brachiosaurus song my kids love singing along. I love the tune too.

Can you think of possible things that might happen if we had real brachiosauruses on earth today?


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  2. Hehehe your little kid could say a big word like that 😀😀😀 you never know what they can come up with. This was a fun read.

  3. Thanks for letting me know about the link that I left. Yes, copy paste miss.
    I found your post funny. Read it first thing in the morning, and couldn't stop smiling.

    B for Being you

  4. Hahaha! This was a fun read! I run a neighborhood stationery store, and most of my customers are kids. Dinosaurs are really popular with them these days, I don't know why. And they rattle of names of different types of dinosaurs as if they were reciting "Jack and Jill went up the hill..."! I must confess, it makes me feel really dumb at times! :P Anyway...
    Happy AtoZing!
    Chicky @

  5. I suspect my Little one would say Brachiosaurus too. I love your theme. *Makes note for next year*

  6. Dinosaurs always fascinate children don't they? I remember our son was an expert on dinosaurs all the way through until highschool where other interests took over.
    Leanne | cresting the hill

  7. Hahaha..That was a fun word..Amazed that your lo can say just a big word

    Launching SIM Organics

    *Menaka Bharathi*


  8. Aah! Your post made me do a time travel. There was a time when we had dinosaurs all around in our house in the form of storybooks, coloring books, toys, games, movies on TV and a couple of DVDs too. That was when our son was a kid. Thankfully he has outgrown that phase.
    Those are some interesting ways to use brachiosaurus if they were alive today. Fun read, Jayashree :)

  9. Oh! Now I want a brachiosaurus for a pet! What a terrific idea. I'm chuckling at your little one's suggestion foiling your hopes for an easy post. Such a fun post to read.

    B is for… beasts, blues and border control/Parenting in the Wilderness

  10. I really am hoping they don't... they are thinking of bringing back mammoths as they have recovered some DNA, and mixing it with elephant, in th hope of helping tundra, but i think it would be cruel - elephants are social and need their family, imagine being able to reproduce one mammoth, but all the others failing, how lonely it would be! Liz (A-Z Extraordinary Women)

  11. Oh my..I don't even know so many 'saurauses'! Although I do have a couple of books that my kids have read and spoken to me about in their animated way! That's a lot of fun things we could do if these creatures were around! :) Bungee jumping tops the list! or maybe I could slide down like ellie!

    Shubhangi @ The Little Princess

  12. He he he, don't remind me of Jurassic Park. The end of that movie had me wishing these things never happen in reality. I doubt we could pull it off too ;) I actually enjoyed that bit about the basketball in the beginning. Would love to see that bit expanded!

  13. I love your way of doing the challenge 😀 looking forward to seeing what other words they come up for you!

  14. This brings back memories of reading picture books full of dinosaurs to my kids when they were little. They loved them!

  15. my son was obsessed with dinosaurs as well at that age (he is 14 now and his current obsession is robotics and cars!).. this post brought back those memories of him impressing us with these really big words each day

  16. OMG...what a name and what an animal! Good luck for the month, Jaish!

  17. My husband was obsessed with dinosaurs when growing up. I can remember, when our son was growing up, a book called Dinotopia where humans and dinosaurs co existed. If only!! But ironically, my son had little interest in dinosaurs. Visiting from A to Z!

  18. You could be the Tamika Catchings of Tamil Nadu Basketball.