Friday, April 14, 2017

#AtoZChallenge 2017 L for Lion

I think M has started to make things tricky! Yesterday I started with A for and she kept saying Nothing,Nothing! all the way to K with a mischievous grin. 

Lion - What are the words you would associate with the king of the jungle? Power? Ferocity? Style? Leadership? 

This big cat is one creature upon whom nature has bestowed a clear difference in appearance between the two genders. Wonder how a lion will look if somebody manages to do some styles with the his mane. Disney has tried it in animation form in movies like 'The Lion King' of course.What I  find unique in a lion are its walk and the depth of its piercing looks.  

People belonging to Zodiac symbol Leo are supposed to have unique traits. They are confident, loyal , friendly and above all are born leaders.

I am a citizen of India and am residing in Singapore. The name Singapore translates to "Lion City" and the popular tourist mascot of the city 'The Merlion' is half fish and half lion. India's national emblem features four Asiatic lions standing back to back, adapted from a similar sculpture that was atop a pillar at Sarnath erected by emperor Ashoka. 

Some deities in Hinduism have the lion as their vahana or mount/vehicle. I have read somewhere that what it signifies is that a person with power should not let it dominate him or his thinking. He should rise above its grip on his ego and act responsibly with righteousness . 


  1. yes very true about the significance of the lion as a Vahana.
    There is so much being a Leo too.

  2. Nice post. Reminds me of a Rajnikanth line. Paninga dhaan kootama varum, Singam single la thaan varum. (only pigs come as a group, lion comes to a battle all alone)

    1. I did not recollect that but ongi adichaa onra ton weight da kept playing in my head :)

  3. I have some very good friends who are Leos. In fact, my star sign which is Sagittarius, makes for best friends with Leos.

  4. I wonder why the mascot is the merlion. Is it also from mythology ? I will read about it.