Saturday, April 22, 2017

#AtoZChallenge 2017 S for Sun

The big star, our planet has been happily revolving around, ever since it got formed  has currently caused a lot of ire and frustration in my home town. Summers in Chennai are scorching. I am sure that the unbearable heat should be the first topic of discussion in most of the phone calls coming into the coastal city of India.

I love the animated images of a smiling sun that usually adorn the boards and walls of preschools and kindergartens. Its kind of symbolic of all the bright happy things in life including the smiling faces of innocent children and their simple sweet worlds. Having said that, we cannot deny that today's internet equipped little brats grow out of their innocence a lot earlier.

I am thinking of the Circle of Line song from the movie 'The Lion King'. The rising sun and the male voice singing those Zulu lyrics with absolute zeal is simply mind blowing.

ImageCredit: Ong on FlickrCreativeCommons
The early morning sun's warmth can fill us with a lot of energy and positivity. A morning walk in our neighborhood park is one of my favorite activities. I usually see a lot of people sitting facing the rising sun and doing some exercise or tai chi or yoga. The surya namaskar or sun salutation routine taught as part of yoga  is supposed to be beneficial for almost every part of the body. The sun s rays also serve as a mood lifter. A few minutes of basking in the sun can make us brisk and happy We always feel better on bright sunny days rather than dull wet rainy days right? At least I do.

The sun is the reason for a lot of things around us - our climate, weather changes, the rains, morning night cycle, the existence of plants and what not. No wonder earth is clinging on tightly in its planetary orbit.I remember watching the live telecast of a solar eclipse live on TV once. Its a beautiful natural occurrence especially the diamond ring appearance after a total eclipse.It is a commendable thing that the sun's energy is getting harnessed through solar panels in many walks of life.

I just remembered something. My laundry that was hung out to dry is still on the clothes line thanks to the showers that dominated the weather today. Tomorrow being a Sunday, hope the star of our solar system decides to chase away the clouds and shines upon all of us and my clothes!


  1. The sun faithfully rises and sets giving us so much where we give so little.
    A Piece of Uganda

  2. The sun brings such positive energy and source of strength for our spiritual well being. It's such an inspiring and empowering post.

  3. You were talking about summer in Chennai. Two years ago, we stayed in Chennai for 8 months. I was on an assignment from my company. We experienced all 3 weather seasons. Hot, Hottest and Murder. But we loved it because Chennai is our home town.

    Ever wondered what is sun's temperature? I am told it is 14 million kelvin. I have no idea what a kelvin is.

  4. with all that glorification of the sun juxtaposed with that last line of drying the clothes ..heheh
    nice post

  5. Ah! The sun God is relentless even in our desert state. It's suicidal to venture out in the afternoons now-a-days and this is the state in April. Dont know how it is going to be in May-June. Oh, I love my sun dried laundry!