Monday, April 24, 2017

#AtoZChallenge 2017 T for tortoise

The story of the hare and the tortoise and how it is important to be slow and steady to win the race is very popular all over the world. Atleast in places where there are hares and tortoises. I have heard different versions of the tale. A recent one I saw on TV was, the hare does not sleep but a final swimming component is added to the race. The hare speeds all the way till that segment and then he is at a loss. The tortoise catches up in a painstakingly slow manner and then swimming is a piece of cake for him. 
Image Credit:Keth Roper on Flickr Creative Commons

Another tortoise I know of is the mosquito coil brand. In fact like xerox, people did not know that 'Tortoise' was just the name of the brand and not the name of the product. 

Did you know that giant tortoises can live upto a 100 years?

Whats the difference between a turtle and a tortoise?

My son enlightened me as follows - Turtles live on land and may come to land only to lay eggs. Tortoises live on land and may or may not swim. A turtle is an omnvore, has webbed feet and a much shorter life span whereas the tortoise is a herbivore and lives a lot longer.

I Some species of turtles are endangered. There is a voluntary group in Chennai - Students Sea  Turtle Conservation Network [SSTCN] that does some work towards conservation of Olive Ridley turtles.As mentioned in their website

"During this season we walk the beaches every night looking for their eggs which we collect and relocate to a safe place. When the turtle hatchlings emerge 45 days later, we release them safely into the sea. On Friday nights and Saturday nights we conduct a walk for interested people. We use this opportunity to interact with them, and create awareness about the plight of an endangered species and the state of the environment. "


  1. SSTCN is doing an admirable job.

  2. Turtles and tortoises--just totally cool critters! I like the variation on the story you cite--with the tortoise winning because he is more versatile, basically.

  3. I rode on a tortoise once as a kid. I'm happy to say they no longer subject those beautiful creatures to such treatment. (It was the 1970s). They always seem to exude wisdom to me, much like an owl.


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