Tuesday, April 25, 2017

#AtoZChallenge 2017 U for Umbrella

The word umbrella reminds me of the book Granny Grandy's umbrella. Its a kids book and so none of you would have heard of it  suppose. But  I have read it to my son nearly a hundred times. Granny Grandy uses her umbrella when it rains, in the sun, in a dance, to stop a taxi and even to catch a thief. I read it to my little girl as well before she decided one day to make a 100 piece jigsaw puzzle out of it.

In Singapore we have rains throughout the year. Umbrellas are hence an inseparable part of our lives.
Yet the skies would feel very weepy whenever I forget to take an umbrella with me and have no nearby shelter.If  I did remember to take one, the poor spokes of my umbrella would prove themselves powerless in front of the winds that would have  seen me and decided to assume their strongest form.

Umbrellas of different types and shapes are used across India in various temples as part of the temple processions.

Image Credit:nevil zaveri on flickr Creative Commons

Image Credit:shankar s on flickr Creative Commons

I have seen pictures of Japanese umbrellas. I think a Japanese costume would be incomplete without it. Kimono clad ladies holding colorful umbrellas look so graceful and elegant.I just read on the internet that the Japanese umbrellas are called the 'Wagasa' and made using paper!Can you believe it? Found this information at http://japan-magazine.jnto.go.jp/en/1404_umbrella.html

Umbrellas form great props when used in a dance.  Needless to say Indian film industry has used it in so many of its songs.  The movie Shree 420 starring Nargis and Raj Kapoor was released in 1955 and it is one of my all time favorites.

In fact leave the romance, the tune and the lyrics. This song has so much rain that every time I see it, I start craving for some deep fried pakoda.(an Indian deep fried snack)


  1. When I was in my native, four months of rainy season every year, umbrella was inseparable companion. Now in Bangalore we don't need umbrella so much.

  2. Whenever I take my umbrella there is no rain. When I forget, it pours. My luck. Also, it rains on the day I wash my car.

  3. I like the story of the granny, though I have not heard of the story.

    have you seen 'singin' in the rain'? - Shree 420 reminds me of that movie, it has singing and the rain just like it

    have a lovely day.

    ~ my U post - Unpopular list ~

  4. Have you read The Blue Umbrella by Ruskin Bond?
    Umbrella is my lifeline here in the hot summers and of course the rains too!