Friday, April 1, 2022

A - Akkaravadisal, Avocado and a quote for A

This is my first post as part of the A to Z blogging 2022.

I love to cook and I love to this year my posts are based on food and some food for thought at the end! 

 Food from home:

A family feast with a wide array of delicacies is part of most festivals across the globe and the ones in South India are no exception. I come from the coastal state of TamilNadu, where a full fledged meal served on a banana leaf is a cultural aspect that can still be seen in weddings and to a great extent in homes on festive days. We were using only these biodegradable use and throw free plates from Mother Nature till modernization gave way to metal  plates in most homes.

Akkara Adisal / Akkaravadisal:

I belong to a vegetarian community and our festive meals would not be complete without a sweet dessert. Akkara Adisal , is one of my favorites and supposedly translates to rice cooked in jaggery.

Rice is cooked with  yellow lentils , milk and sweetened with jaggery.  Flavoring with cardomom and garnishing with nuts and raisins roasted in ghee results in an aroma wafting from the kitchen that can elevate your senses and soul. The below was cooked by yours truly! 

Food from other lands - Avocado:

Avocados don't grow in India and so it was not a very commonly available fruit in my growing up years. My exposure was after I travelled outside of India.   In many of the juice shops here in Singapore I have tasted milkshakes made with Avocado and honey and they taste out of the world. I am a huge fan of Guacamole too. 

Quote and food for thought :

As i had mentioned in my theme reveal post,  am trying to find a quote in my mothertongue Tamil for every post. For A, it would be 

Aanaikkum Adi Sarukkum.

Aanai means elephant. It literally translates to Even an elephant could stumble or trip while walking.

No matter how strong a person is or how perfect a person is he may have his own weak moments when he fumbles or falters a bit. Basically a word of caution for overconfidence.


  1. Drooling over that akara adisal ..hope i spelled it right

    We make it too but with different name....also..the quote is so 👍🏻
    All the best with a to z

    1. Thanks for dropping by...Many foods in India are known by different names in each state, isnt it ?

  2. What a great idea for the A to Z challenge and I love your quote - wise words.
    Happy April.
    This month my story is in Ukraine - 2022. I wrote the original story while I lived in Ukraine (2007).
    The Letter A

  3. Nice one Jayashree... through your writing could smell the sweet aroma...also loved the quote...which is 200% true and which many forget...

  4. I love that you are writing about food! A plantain leaf meal is the best of its kind and so filling - both soul and tummy! :D

  5. I love that sweet rice but never knew what it is called. Is it the same thing that we get as prasad in Ayyappa temples? I love your Tamil quote idea, so unique!

    1. The ayyappa sweet is made of some special rice i tastes very unique

  6. Love the post Jayshree and thd quote too. Akkara Adisal I've had and it's absolutely yum. Keep posting ❤❤

  7. Akkara Adisal is absolutely yum and I had it at my friend's place. Loved the post, especially the quote. Looking forward to the next.

  8. The Akkara Adisal looks scrumptious, can't wait to see what you make for your next post!

  9. Even in our Jain household we have Gur ke chawal cooked on festive days, although it's cooked a little differently. Very impressive food for our tastebuds and for thought 👍👌.Totally liked it.The quote in the end is also inspiring 🤩

  10. Great start to the challenge!

    That payasam is making my mouth water!
    I love guac too!

    Beautiful quote!!!

    Hopping in from the A-Z community,

  11. Not familiar with this dish. I guess there is an equivalent for it in Kerala in the form of payasam.

  12. I am mindblown by your combination for the theme. A dish and A quote as well. Wow. Add to it, since I am a Tamilian too, I get to learn new quotes - like this one, very deep. The dish - is that same as Sakkara Pongal? I am a big fan of guacamole too, haven't tried Avacado milkshake, but will soon now! Great start, J! Good luck with the rest of the challenge!

    Here's my post for A:
    A: Animal Farm

    1. Thanks Deepa. Difference between Akkaravadisal and ChakkaraPongal is that the former has milk and is more flowing while the latter does not have milk.