Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Falooda and Falafel

 Food from home:

The phonetic sound "fa" is very rare or technically non-existent in Tamil to my knowledge, especially at the beginning of a word. Hence its tough to find a  food item from traditional recipes at home that begin with 'fa'. 

Falooda is a dessert supposed to have entered India from Persian side of the world through the Mughal rulers. 

Its basically like a sundae. It has some noodle or vermicelli and some soaked basil seeds. Then there is thickened and sweetened milk, some rose syrup, some jelly bits, fruits of our choice and topped with icecream. 

It can be pretty filling though and so if its part of our meal plans we need to be vary of our pre-dessert servings.

Till my early teens we were in a place called Kozhikode in Kerala and I remember there was a Falooda place in the main shopping area. Compared to the typical single flavor monochrome icecream that we were used to, this was much more appealing.

These days I make falooda at home whenever we are in the mood for some , and the results are not bad, I must say. Its one of those food items where its not the cooking method but what goes into the mix that really matters. Also there is no hard and fast rule. You could be creative on additions and deletions.

Food from other lands:

Falafel is what comes to mind with not one but two 'F' s. I have had Falafel in wraps and I enjoyed them though i would not put falafel on top of my favorite snacks list. What is the best way to eat falafel? Any recommendations ?

Food for thought:

As I mentioned earlier its difficult finding words in my mother tongue with F leave alone quotes.

For a change today would be an English quote , one of my all time favourites from forwards. I have seen it in newspapers, email forwards, sms forwards,orkut, facebook, twitter and whatsapp! As we moved forwards from one medium to another. 

The quote is 

I cried because I have no shoes till I met a man with no feet

I am not aware of its origins but its one line that says it all. Look at the bright side of things! When you google it, and look at the images there is a myriad of sources mentioned from ancient Persia to Helen Keller. I don't know who said it but I love it ! 


  1. You had me at falafel. One of my favorite words to say and foods to eat.

    1. Most mediterranean or middle eastern food items are fun to say :)

  2. Both the foods in your title are my favourite---mmmm

    A couple of years ago, I ate 'faloodo' in a Persian restaurant in Doha--OMG!! it was divine--so light --so delicate--nothing like the sundae like sugar feast we get in India.

    Thought I'd share this info in case you want to try out the real deal one day.

  3. Not very faloodas but love Falafel and now I m craving it.

    That's a depressing quote but it humbles me instantly. Like always loved the post.

  4. I have never had faloodo, but falafal I have had and also used to make quite a bit. I should start that again. Very tasty.

  5. I am not much of a falooda person though I love the basil seeds and the jelly bits in it. I like how it so many flavours - Rose, Kesar, Royal and what not! Falafel is definitely a favourite - pita bread smeared with hummus and stuffed with a crispy falafel - wow! Much needed reminder with the quote too.

    Here's my post for F:
    F: Foreign Body

  6. I've never heard of falooda, but now you have me intrigued! I do love a pita wrap is probably my favorite way, though they're nice in a grain and greens bowl too! And, great quote to help us to remember how important perspective is!