Friday, April 29, 2022

HaZelnut Coffee

From the hot weather of Chennai, I transported to chilly post winter Wisconsin in March of 2005 within a couple of years after my foray into the software development world. After hearing a lot of stories about the United States from colleagues, friends and the talkative aunts at weddings who spoke more about California and Texas than probably the governors themselves, it was finally time to explore by myself.

One of the first things I got accustomed to having
around at home was the microwave and the plethora of microwaveable ready to eat food. The story about the dim-witted me trying to boil an egg in it in the middle of the night and what ensued needs a blog post of its own.I leave that to your imagination. 

My then roommate taught me how to make hazelnut coffee with milk in the microwave.It was Love at first sip and I have been in the relationship
ever since. I love hazelnut in my desserts too but
there is something about its combination with coffee thats absolutely heavenly. I am not a big fan of instant coffee. It can never replace the taste of filter coffee but this was a whole new revelation.

In Singapore coffee outlets are quite common where you get good hazelnut coffee but I am yet to find a good instant coffee brand with hazelnut flavour. Recently I discovered a 3-in-1 ready to mix 
version that seems quite close.

As a result, my Sunday mornings are my moments of peace in my rocking chair with the morning newspaper, watching the sun
rise. Me, my memories, my thoughts and my cup of hot, delicious hazelnut coffee. 

How do you like your coffee ?

I drew this with Sketch on my phone.

Food for thought:

Today's food for thought is not a saying or quote. Its an interesting information shared by my son to me. I made up a kiddie story about a tiger hunting  zebras. He intercepted and argued that it was not possible as Zebras are found in Africa where there are no tigers and so they do not know each other. Now that was an interesting point. If a tiger is moved to a place very different from the habitat it grew up in, will it develop the skills to look out for food alternatives ? Or does it believe that anything that eats grass is food? 

We humans often find ourselves in places or situations where the food is absolutely alien to us, not to mention the added complexity if one is vegetarian. Do you have any such experience to share?


There I have done it! Hip HipHurrah! The whole of April I was part of the A to Z blogging challenge where one had to publish one post everyday in alphabetical order from A to Z. This is the final post of the series for this year. 

To everyone who has visited my blog, read my posts, sent messages or left comments I would like to give a big Shout-out ...THANK YOU :)  

To everyone else who participated irrespective of whether you published all 26 or a part of it ... Kudos to you!!! You rock! 


  1. Ahh I love the beer from Wisconsin. Made famous by the TV Show Laverne and Shirley.

    Congratulations Jayashree on completing the A to Z in 2022.

    1. I must thank you for reading and leaving your lovely comments too :)

  2. The egg in the microwave sounds like a story that needs to be told!
    I once warmed a pie up in the microwave but didn't realise I'd entered one 0 too may and rather than 30 seconds it got a 30 minute blitz and the kitchen got filled with smoke. Not good!

    Well done on making it to the end of the challenge
    Today's post: Z Is For Omega

  3. I don't like coffee at all - I only drink tea. But I do love hazelnut!
    Congratulations on completing the challenge! I have enjoyed your exploration of all different foods.
    Z is for Zany

  4. I like the idea of you sitting in your rocker enjoying a bit of peace and a coffee that brings you pleasure - how perfect. I like flavored coffees iced but not hot. It's been lovely peeking into your world, and congratulations on completing the challenge - well done indeed!

  5. I used to make coffee and add hazelnut syrup. I don't use syrup any more. Either I foam milk and add or I add a half scoop ice cream, preferable chocolate. When we were kids, my sister and I and our mother would drive 4 hours from Detroit to Idlewild MI. We would stop for lunch at a picnic area and my mother would let us have a cup of coffee with sugar and evaporated milk. It was delicious.
    I enjoyed your posts this month!

  6. Tell your son this tiger was lost or the zebras were (lol)
    Yes I heard eggs dont like microwaves.
    Hope you enjoyed the A to Z - it was great to meet you!!!
    Z- Zelensky

  7. I think coffee and hazelnut are a match made in heaven. they have a lot in common, they come in "beans" and won't develop their full potential = flavor until they are roasted.
    One of my coworkers is obsessed about the Hazelnut Coffee from Dunkin' Donuts, but this one's roast is too light for me.
    Congrats on finishing A- Z! :-)
    Watch out for my reflection post, you'll be featured :-)

  8. I love the rich aroma of coffee . I can sit for hours in a coffee shop just for its mesmerizing Flavor, but somehow drinking it gives me pimples. I always try to avoid tea and coffee for the same reason. But hazelnut coffee seems really interesting. Will try even at the cost of getting a big pink swollen boil on my face πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘Nice observation about the tiger and the zebra. Great point πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

  9. No coffee for me at all, please, though I did try Hazelnut years ago because it smelled so good! But, it still had that coffee flavor, so it wasn't for me. I love your son's observation!

    And, congratulations for finishing the challenge! It's fun, and it's a lot of thinking and writing!! Celebrating with you!

  10. Kids these days are so bright and well-informed at a very young age. It's surprising how they pick up so much!?