Sunday, April 11, 2021

J for Jinx

The Defense against the Dark Arts is a course at Hogwarts that trains the wizards and witches in spells and tricks to be used, if they come in the path of their prejudicial counterparts who have transgressed to the evil side. 

The post however is supposed to be jinxed as no one manages to hold it for more than a year. The first teacher is possessed by the antagonist and the second one is a pompous self-obsessed person who ends up losing his memory. The only good one in the list is ostracized by the community as he is a werewolf who has to take preventive measures on a full moon night. 

At one of my previous workplaces we used to joke around, that a particular work station was jinxed and needed some FengShui healing as none of its occupants lasted more than a week in the company. Whenever a new person was allocated the seat we were monstrously awaiting the "Good bye, till we meet again" email to see if the jinx was still in power!

Speaking of jinxed objects, the movie Jumanji comes to mind. I know there have been newer versions but my favorite is the very first one where we have huge creepers coming out of the ground and people transported to live in the jungle and lions and gun-holding hunters landing in the house.

There is a branch of gemology that deals with luck or ill-luck brought about by gemstones and some people very firmly believe the idea. Some pearls or diamonds are supposed to bring good luck while others are supposed to be jinxed and would bring misfortune to the wearer or control their actions. You may have observed some of these people wearing huge multicolored rings.

Another common usage of Jinx is when two of us says the same thing at the same time.

I love to silently observe when my daughter and her friends are playing and two of them utter something simultaneously; There would be a loud exclamation of Jinx!! and they would break into childish giggles echoing around my home. 

Such giggles are powerful enough to get rid of any Jinxes I guess! :)


  1. lol... this was fun to read. I like reading about gem stones at times. Some quartz are said to have healing and purifying properties. Guess that's how they bring good luck. :D

  2. The laughter of children is the real magic.. yes it can rid of Jinxes. When three 4 out of 6 of my family members (Dad, sister, Mom and me-sparing only younger sister and borther) were diagnosed with cancer, we were called Jinxed family. The word has a strong emotional connect for me..

    1. Oh Gosh! That's cruel .... Thats a fighting brave family I would say

  3. So true about a particular position within a team... they seem to turn over on a regular basis. Is it the actual desk, the job, the environment, the fact that it is hard to become part of a gang that has been working together for ages?

  4. Fun post -- and I love the story about the jinxed desk at work. Calling out "Jinx" for saying the same word at the same time is a longstanding childhood practice. You paint a lovely portrait of your daughter and her friends dispelling the jinx with giggles.

  5. Love reading your posts in this series!
    I have seen people do all sorts of things to break the jinx!

  6. I recall my grandmother insisting that her Opal jewellery could only be passed on to a grandchild if it was their birth stone, otherwise it brought extreme bad luck. Fortunately, my youngest sister was born at the right time, much to my grandmother's relief. Both she & my grandfather were hugely superstitious.

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