Friday, April 16, 2021

N for Nimbus

 Nimbus is a broom brand in the Potter Series. (Think of Yonex or Nike through a wizarding lens) The brooms have certain distinguishing features that decide their quality.  Nimbus 2000 is Harry s first broom and quite an expensive one.

Well, if I were to fly on a broom I would probably ask for safety harnesses that make sure I dont fall off no matter what ! And perhaps a comfortable seat attached to the broom and maybe an umbrella for wet or hot weather ? Yes yes ! I hear you, it's a broom, not a flying silver chariot ! 

I dont know what one would look for in a wizarding broom but I do know what to look for in a real broom. In tropical hot weather like South East Asia there is no need for carpeting the floors and a sweep with the humble broom is a lot easier to clean the floor than trudging along a vacuum cleaner and its environment friendly too.

In India there used to be two types of brooms in my home . The soft variety for using inside the home. Then there used to be one made by tying up the thin sticks got from coconut leaves . This was more for sweeping the front yard  that is where it was plain soil - Rake up the fallen leaves and make the yard clean ! 

A similar broom is used in the kitchens of South Indian restaurants.  Not for cleaning but as a cooking equipment ! There would be a huge griddle for making dosa with high pressure fire beneath it . If the griddle becomes too hot, the dosa would stick to it ... in order to have the temperature just right the chefs would splash water on the hot griddle. When it sizzles and steams, they would use this broom to evenly spread it on the griddle .  It's quite a skillful manoeuvre that looks quite fascinating . Of course this broom would be reserved purely for that use . 


  1. My favorite natural brooms are the ones scented with cinnamon, usually sold in the U.S. in the fall and winter and displayed in the kitchen. Such a wonderful aroma for the colder months.

  2. Every year in October the same meme will reappear that always makes me smile: it's a witches' broom occupying a parking spot, and there will be a traffic sign saying "Broom Parking only - all others will be towed."

  3. I, too, would wish for a very serious safety harness. And I think I'd be freaked out anyway. :)