Tuesday, April 20, 2021

R for Remus

 Remus Lupin is a character that is introduced in the Prisoner of Azkaban. He is a good friend of Harry's late father and he has another identity that makes him special. He is a werewolf! Poor guy, gets bitten by a mean werewolf as a kid and has to undergo the harrowing transformation every full moon night when he has absolutely no control over himself.

In contrast to this identity, Lupin is a very righteous man who is on the good side fighting the dark forces. In fact one of Rowling's characters falls in love with him and marries him overcoming his initial resistance. This part of the plot points to the direction of seeing beyond people's flaws and being inclusive .

Another story where I came across werewolf is the TV series "Once Upon a Time" where in, all the fairy tales that we know of are given a different twist and kind of interwoven into a story of today's times. Here our little red riding hood is not a little girl but a young woman and is a WEREWOLF!! She wears the red riding hood to actually shield her from the transformation and to control her characteristics.

Who can forget the wolves of the Jungle book? The first animated version where the mother wolf is so strong willed and the wolf chieftain Akira! He and Dumbledore have similar qualities - mature, experienced and strong leaders!

I remember a picture that was doing rounds on social media , a while ago about a pack of wolves walking in the snow and there was a lot of "lessons to be learnt" about the formation and leadership and so on. Apparently all that came with that is not true as per many fact or fiction websites.


I have a darling little niece and once I showed her a picture of a wolf and did an "Awoooo" with my head tilted up . She caught on immediately and would go Awooo every time we asked her how the wolf cries ! 


  1. I love Professor Lupin, such a great character. I really must watch Once Upon a Time, as I'm sure I would love it. I love Grimm and that's along a similar line.

    1. Oh Once upon a time had me hooked for quite a while....the protagonist is the daughter of Snowwhite and Prince Charming ...for a start :)

  2. OMIGOSH that is so cute that she speaks wolf language... ha ha. I think we all have a little bit of werewolf inside us, don't you? I know I always feel a little restless when the full moon rolls around which is coming right up here on Letter V...hmmm, I wonder ...
    Thanks for visiting. Happy A2Zing. Have a great day!

  3. Your niece is such a sweetheart. I read the Awooo in the same voice as a wolf would howl, lol. Werewolves are fun. Jacob in Twilight series is another example. :D

  4. I'm not familiar with Once Upon a Time but it sounds an amazing idea! And Jungle Book was brilliant. Awoooo!

  5. I don't know the serie Once Upon a Time, I need to look for it! Yep, Lupin was a great and good character.

  6. Loved Lupin. Kids learn quick. :-D

    This was a fun read.

  7. Seeing beyond people's flaws and being inclusive. What a wonderful message in your post today. In truth, the wolf is a pack animal like us humans -- so, much to learn from them. https://mollyscanopy.com/2021/04/rock-n-roll-djs-my-brief-crush-on-jack-rose/

  8. My grandfather had a framed photo of a wolf looking at the moon hanging over his chair in the living room. I always wondered if he liked the idea of a wolf's freedom in the wild.

  9. Lupin is a great character and a good mentor to Harry. Weekends In Maine

  10. She really did play around with names! “Lupin” - Wolf, Remus was the name of one of the twins who founded Rome, suckled by a she-wolf.

    Tanith Lee wrote a short story in which Red Riding Hood is also a young woman, called to the castle of her aristocratic grandmother to get started on her life as a werewolf.

    Today’s A to Z post, T Is For Theseus and Thetis


  11. Remus=twin who founded Rome, suckled by a she-wolf, Lupin=wolflike

    Tarnish Lee wrote a short story in which Red Riding Hood is a werewolf, on her way to grandma’s castle to learn about her heritage!


  12. Awoo! I love wolves :-)

    Ronel visiting for the A-Z Challenge with an A-Z of Faerie: Rabbits and Hares of Folklore