Wednesday, April 14, 2021

M for Muggle

 That's the 13th letter of the alphabet and all of us still continuing in AtoZ , we have reached the half distance milestone ! Super ! 

Muggle is the term in the Potter series by which ordinary people are referred to, in other words people who do not have any magical powers and are not wizards or witches . The children of Muggles could have magical abilities and Hermione is a classic example. But the villains a.k.a the Death Eaters despise such people and use a derogatory word called Mudblood against them indicating that their blood is not pure.

This kind of superiority complex is something humans have always had in some form or the other from times unknown isn't it ? Colour, race, wealth, community , ancestory and what not ! This in turn leads to oppression and suppression and history keeps getting rewritten! Having a tiny space in our minds to think from another person's point of view goes a long way in mending broken bridges.

Simple thing to remember - all of our teeth are white ( of course provided we brush daily) and we all look better when we smile. That's not so hard eh ! 

The magical world is fascinated by what is achieved in the Muggle world. We have managed to fly in machines, sail on vessels, make light bulbs glow and freeze food and contact each other through telepathy!...oops we are not there yet, I mean telephones and what not ! 

After accomplishing such mind blogging things, mankind often forgets the easiest form of existence....simply being human ! A little love here , some compassion there and lot of smiles (they come absolutely free of cost) is all that it takes to heal the world and make it a better place ( I love that song by Michael Jackson).

Yesterday on my evening walk , I saw a lady with a baby at a signal and for some reason on seeing me the baby broke into a wide toothless amused grin . It made my day . End of the day , it's small things that make life worth living, right?

Love, live and let live! 


  1. So well put Jayashree.
    That baby's toothless grin made me smile with you.
    Wonderful way to talk about humanity and compassion.

  2. One of my favourite bits in the Harry Potter series are Arthur Weasley's fascination with all things muggle. As you say, it shows so well how we can all learn from one another, no one race or creed is superior to the other. Such an important reminder & take-away from the series - thank you for choosing to highlight it.

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  3. Very true. Random gestures and incidents can make us happy if we allow ourselves to be humbled by simple pleasures in life.

  4. I love how you relate these Harry Potter topics to real life! I has forgotten how impressed Arthur Weasley was with us Muggles. 😁
    I believe in the power of smiling but these days it's difficult for people to know it since my face is hidden behind a mask so often!

  5. Seeing things from the others' point of view -- great advice for Muggles and non-Muggles alike. Too bad our smile power must be covered by masks -- but the eyes can smile, too, as we are learning every day.

  6. Yes! Sometimes something that small like that baby’s grin makes it all worthwhile!

  7. Yes! Sometimes it is the small things like that baby’s grin that makes you appreciate life.

  8. I think if someone from a few hundred years ago visited us today they would think us all wizards. So much has changed and it is amazing what we have accomplished as mere muggles. Weekends In Maine

  9. I guess we all are muggles(strictly as a metaphor) in some domain. Its definitely beautiful when we stop and appreciate little things around us. This was a good read. I was already into it when you got the potter context. #potterhead

  10. So, nice! ... A smile is the simplest, the easiest, and the most valuable gift one can give anyone!
    M for Mayo Hall