Saturday, April 24, 2021

U for Unicorn

Unicorns appear in the very first of the Potter books. Voldemort who does not have a form yet and is housed on Professor Quirril's head uses him to kill a unicorn and drink its silvery blood as it is supposed to keep alive anyone on the brink of losing his life. But killing a pure and defenseless animal would result in a cursed life.

Harry Potter has a unicorn hair as the core of his wand and hence it's one of the finest .

I always felt that black stallions look pretty majestic but somehow these one horned horses are always depicted in white colour and they are supposed to be a dazzling white. I wonder why no detergent companies have a unicorn for a logo! 

Recently I heard about a tiny black hole that has been discovered in space and has been named the unicorn.  Usually when something is a rare occurrence it gets such a name .

It was recently that I came to know that a term called unicorn company is becoming widely used in the business world. Apparently a privately held startup company valued at more than a billion dollars is called by that term. 

During one of my trips to the Underwaterworld aquarium I saw a white fish with a horn like projection on its forehead. I thought it looked like a unicorn and then came to know that it bears precisely the same name . "Unicorn fish" 

I used to play a game with my kids where we used to name one animal each for every letter of the alphabet. We usually used to get stuck at U. After this trip we had a new one to add to our list . Now my son tells me there is a Ulesseus butterfly for U.

Do you know any other animals that start with U ? I may have missed a common one too !! 


  1. The A to Z Challenge is a unicorn of sorts -- a rare occurrence in the blogging world, but one that is cherished by its participants.

  2. I didn't know about unicorn companies. They must be rare, too.
    My first "encounter" with a Unicorn 🦄 was when I was watching Ally McBeal.

    Googling "animals with U" this is what comes up:

    Unau (sloth)
    Unicorn (mythical)

    So I don't think you missed a common one at all ;-))))

    Watch out, in my letter "X" post you'll probably meet a new animal as well.

  3. No sure if this would count as a U but Sea Urchins. We harvest sea urchins in Maine and they're looking at farming them. I've never had one though as it's an export crop. Weekends In Maine

  4. I love unicorns. I do like the idea of them being different colours and not just white, though. I didn't realise how few animals start with the letter U. I'm struggling to think of any that haven't already been mentioned.

  5. Popping in from the A-Z and discovering that you have linked your blogs to a Harry Potter theme and I love that! I'm going to have to go back and read some pervious ones. The only U creatures that come to mind would be unagi- not sure if its an actual animal itself or if that just describes the eel sushi.

  6. Not an animal but sea urchins are sort of animal/ water beings that start with U. I'll have to google for more.
    You are giving detergent companies some new ideas. ;)