Monday, April 12, 2021

K for Key

 There are very few things in the Potter series that I can think of for K. After racking my brain for quite  a while this is all I could think of!

Harry has a unique key given to him by Sirius that can open any possible lock. How cool is that ! Dangerous as well!

Dindigul , a town in my home state of TamilNadu in India is famous for manufacturing speciality locks. It is known as the "lock-city" and is famous for its fool-proof mango shaped locks. In fact there are families that have been making these unique locks for generations.

I love those journals that you get in gift shops with colourful pages and pretty pictures that can be secured with a tiny lock and key. It's a  great return gifts for girl birthday parties.

On Indian trains we have a metal hoop under the seat that can be used  to secure your luggage  using a chain, lock and key. For one, it prevented luggage from being mistakenly exchanged and two, of course gave protection from thieves. Along with newspapers and comics, a common thing that can be seen sold on railway platforms are these long chains, locks and keys!

I have not been to France but I have heard of a tourist location there where romantic couples hang metal locks on a bridge. After some googling , I got to know it's called the Pont Des Arts and that due to the weight of the locks affecting the bridge, it's no longer allowed now.

Another thing that fascinates me are key chains and key rings ... something I love to buy as souvenirs when visiting new places in addition to fridge magnets .  

I have a nice key hanger in my living room. But the most commonly misplaced item in our family are our keys next only to mobile chargers.  Especially in the mad morning rush of hurrying the kids to school, the car keys would often play a game of hide and seek with us ! 

Like a MonKEY I have been hopping from one key thing to another !! Someone remind me the key points to take note while writing blog posts ! What is the key to a popular blog post? :) 



  1. Haha!
    I love keychains. I collected quite a few when in college and used to frequently change the keychain for my scooty. I still have a few left. My pencil case and the college bag also had keychain dangling from the zippers.

  2. I sure liked your "KEY" post. I never really thought about how many Key topics there are, be it a keychain, a key that opens locks ... oooh and to have a key that opens all locks, how exciting (and dangerous). I think my Key point to note would be Jayashree is the name of the person who wrote such a great post on KEYS. I wrote about kids

    Have a great day.

  3. Love the imagery in this post. I kept one of those lock-and-key diaries from childhood until my early teens (a great resource for my A to Z challenge themes!) And I once bought a box of old-time keys at an antique sale to fit my vintage furniture locks — and they all worked!

  4. Nice post on something that is so common.
    O, yes, nothing more frustrating than a misplaced key.
    Keychain is something I too buy as a souvenir.

  5. Great that you came up with such a delightful piece based around the humble key! Well done!

  6. oh my you brought back memories of the little diary I had as a girl with a tiny padlock and key.

  7. I really love keys and am fascinated by very old keys that go to doors that we can no longer find. Interesting blog post! Very enjoyable!

  8. Misplaced keys are such a time waster. I remember my parents having one of those key rings which would beep when you clapped your hands to help with finding them. I saw recently that someone developed that idea for attaching fobs to all kinds of important and easily lost things. I frequently lose my mobile phone as I keep it on silent, so calling it doesn't help!

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  9. K is such a difficult Letter, I had a hard time with mine too! I was interested in the Dindigul locks you mentioned and found a detailed article about them, so I am leaving the link here in case anybody else wants to read more.

    If I find the key to a popular blog post I will come by and let you know. 😁

  10. I was at a wedding venue where there were locks added to the fence running next to a lake (gorgeous swans!), the locks had the initials of the couples on it. So cute!

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